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The last several years have been a whirlwind when it comes to plumbing technology and design. Since the pandemic hit, homeowners have spent more time at home than before. They’ve also gotten used to operating things with their voice or a simple tap of their finger.

As a result, many trends in modern plumbing equipment are introducing new ways for homeowners to interact with their bathrooms and kitchens without having to touch anything if they don’t want to. Modern bathroom appliances are also becoming more efficient and environmentally friendly as younger generations prioritize sustainability as their primary concern.

Water-Saving Devices

Water-saving devices are becoming increasingly more popular in the plumbing industry. They’re more efficient, more affordable and environmentally friendly than traditional plumbing. These new water-saving devices also make life easier for homeowners, as they can be installed quickly with little to no effort.

  • The WaterSense toilet is an example of a new technology that saves money and water by using 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF), down from 3 GPF on conventional toilets before 2012, when EPA regulations took effect.
  • Dual flush systems are another way to save on your water bill without sacrificing convenience or comfort! These systems allow you to choose between two different flushing modes: one for liquid waste and one for solid waste – it’s like having two toilets in one!

But what brings the need to use water-saving devices? It’s the amount of water we consume and even waste every day. According to EPA, South Australia, an average Adelaide household uses around 200 KL water annually. By reducing wastage, we can reduce consumption significantly.

The wasted water depletes our natural resources. If the waste is prevented, we can use the water for some other work. Hence, if you stay in Adelaide, look for a local plumber in Adelaide and get a water-saving installed at your house.

The Growing Demand for Environmentally Friendly Plumbing Equipment

With the growing concern for environmental safety, these products are becoming more and more popular. For example, one of the most environmentally-friendly plumbing equipment is solar water heaters. Solar water heaters can save about 30% of your energy bill by heating hot water for showers, baths and other uses.

Another type of plumbing equipment that is very environmentally friendly is a composting toilet which doesn’t use any chemicals to treat waste or flush your toilet. It separates solid from liquid waste so that it can be recycled into fertilizers or soil amendments instead of being flushed down the toilet, where it eventually ends up in our waterways, causing harm to animals who live there, such as fish and birds, because they get sick when they eat bacteria from sewage systems like E Coli bacteria which causes stomach flu symptoms if ingested by humans, too (which often happens due to improper disposal methods).

Smart Toilets

With smart toilets, you can program your bathroom to flush at a particular time of day. You can also set it to flush after a certain number of uses. This is great if you want to save water and don’t want the toilet flushing every time someone walks in or out of the bathroom. Considering the state of Adelaide again, this technology can help save gallons of water. And it’s not only about Adelaide because it’s just an example; the problem exists worldwide.

The US EPA states that an average family wastes around 180 gallons of water a week and over 9,000 gallons a year. Smart toilets can help reduce the numbers quickly and also help us save close to $400 annually on water bills. 

Smart toilets are connected to the internet, so they’re always up-to-date with new features. If you have guests who aren’t familiar with how smart toilets work, this feature will be handy!

More Efficient Dishwashers and Showers

  • Showers and dishwashers are becoming more energy efficient. The next generation of shower heads will use less water, while the next generation of dishwashers will use less electricity.
  • New technologies allow for more efficient dishwashers and showers. In 2022, you’ll be able to purchase a shower head that reduces your water usage by 20%! It’s made from patented technology developed by MIT researchers in 2020. It uses a “multi-spray” system to mix hot and cold water streams into one stream before hitting your skin to maintain comfort levels while reducing the overall flow rate by up to 40%.

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Voice Assistant Compatible Equipment in the Bathroom

Another trend you should be aware of is the growth of voice assistant compatible equipment in bathrooms. Google Home and Amazon Alexa are two examples of these devices, which allow you to control your plumbing system with just a few spoken words.

Voice assistance technology has advanced rapidly over the last few years and allows users to control their homes using simple voice commands. While this tech isn’t new, some people aren’t familiar with it or don’t understand how it works yet.

If you have an older home, your bathroom doesn’t have any built-in speakers or microphones (although many new bathrooms do). If that’s the case, installing one of these devices may seem impossible, but there is an easy way around this! You can purchase a 3rd party device called Google Home Mini ($49) or Amazon Echo Dot ($39), which both work with all modern plumbing systems – even ones without any pre-existing audio capabilities!

Touchless Faucets

Touchless technology is the next big thing in bathroom accessories. The trend is already popular outside North America, and it’s only a matter of time before it catches on here.

Touchless faucets are more hygienic because they reduce the risk of cross-contamination between people and germs by about 50%. They also save water because you don’t need to turn them on or off with your hands (you just wave your hand or stick your finger in front of them).

There are other benefits, too: touchless faucets save energy and money when compared to traditional ones; touchless toilets can be programmed with sensors so they won’t flush until after someone has left the room; this means less water gets used overall (saving money), less cleaning time spent by staff at home (saving time), etc.


As you can see, there are some exciting trends in plumbing equipment for the home. The new technology is not just about convenience—it’s also environmentally friendly, water-saving, and even touchless! We are so excited to see what other developments will come out over the next decade. If you have any questions about installing these products or whether they would be a good fit for your home, we’re happy to help!

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