Mobile Home Tips In Setting Up An Open House

Through leading realtors from US mobile home pros comes a set of fool-proof tips when it comes to preparing for your mobile home for an open house. An open house is a doorway that should lead to a potential sale from a potential buyer (or plural).

With these easy-to-follow steps, you’ll be much closer to securing a deal and finally be able to say goodbye to your mobile home today.

Mobile Home Open House: Steps 1 to 5

1. List Down Your Must-Dos-Now

We’re talking about the preparations that have to do with making your trailer clean and bright and ready for viewing. Cleaning, vacuuming not only the floor but the nooks and crannies and yes, furniture. Also, don’t forget to scrub down the bathroom area and sanitize it after.

These may sound like ordinary household chores but they go a long way. And it’s been proven time and time again, that a neat mobile home is and invite in itself.


2. The Tougher Must-Dos-Now

After going through step 1, here comes the rest of the more rigorous cleaning and fixing up. Repairs. Stains on tiles, chipped pieces of furniture, punctured cushions. This isn’t to say that you have to do a total overhaul and splurge to have these replaced.

You can, however, either have tiles be professionally cleared up. Or if you have the extra cash and you’ve found a replacement with the same design as the rest, then you do that as well. The same goes for plumbing and faulty wiring. Seek professionals to do the job. Aside from making your home prepared for an open house, these increase the value to your home.

3. Mind The Yard

Just because it’s your trailer that’s on sale, doesn’t mean that its surroundings don’t matter in its overall appearance. True, the yard isn’t part of the deal, but the way they look affect the aesthetic of your mobile home.

So get your green thumbs on, trim grass and mow the lawn. Cut down unsightly twigs and branches, brush dry, fallen leaves together, and put them in the trash shoot. If you don’t have time to do all this, a simple call to the local gardener is all there is to it.


4. There’s Something About Ambience

Caravans usually have a theme in their interior decor. Homey, chic and modern, simplistic, kid-friendly, etc. If a total revamp isn’t part of your budget, then be wary of lightning and space.

For the first, simple modifications can be done. Let natural light in by opening the windows! Although, be sure that said windows are screened especially during warmer seasons when insects tend to want to stay indoors if you get what we mean.

Also, replace old light bulbs with new ones. But if you feel that they don’t illuminate the space as much as they should, bring in fixtures such as lamps. And choose designs and hues that will allow them to blend well with their background.

5. No Personal Items

Very similar to the basic rule when hosting an open house for a residential property, store personal items and decor. You’ll want potential buyers to imagine themselves as the owners of the home and not merely visitors in what’s still very much your trailer.

Store family photos, crocheted pillowcases with your name on them, progress reports on the fridge, and the like.

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