MLS Listings Online are a True Benefit

Canada is a nation that many individuals are drawn to reside in.  From the quaint appeal of Quebec to the more rugged outdoorsy lifestyle of Nova Scotia, millions enter Canada and become permanent residents each year.  This does lead to many searches for housing throughout Canada, and most home hunting is done through MLS searches.  This type of search can bring up dozens of possibilities in specific territories and provinces, as the MLS Listing Search does include a feature where an individual types in specific areas.  The MLS Listings Search goes through the MLS Services offerings that are run by the Real Estate Boards and Associations of Canada.  MLS simply stands for Multiple Listing Service and multiple listings for everything from homes to condos, to even rentals can be found through a search on the MLS.  

Using MLS eliminates time and confusion in home search in Canada

The MLS Listings Search does provide valuation of homes and status such as pending sale, sold, or under contract.  This eliminates the frustration for users of viewing online video slides of possible listings they like which are no longer readily available.   Users of MLS can eliminate those listings immediately, and mark homes that they would like to save to favorites.  Realtors can be listed under each offering, and some financial services such as loan pre-qualifications might be available depending upon the real estate company that is listed.  Although private sales might be listed, it is a generally good idea to search the MLS for properties that are offered by realtors as all realtors go through the Canadian Real Estate Associations (CREA) and have more than just general information on each property as well as in-depth information on financing and other pertinent facts.  Private sellers cannot access all the history of a listing, etc., due to privacy acts.  

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Property data in Canada is not readily available publicly

Unlike some other countries like the USA, where property data is public record and all one needs to do to find out a property history is to visit the local courthouse property records division, Canadians do not have this option, nor does anyone seeking to move to Canada.  In other countries, there can be many real estate listing companies that list all information on a property, making home search easier, but in Canadian home searching the MLS is the best method for finding out about the history of a property and even what the previous pricing was.  Knowing the pricing history is important when making an offer on a property, so that overpayment is avoided, as well as too low a bid.  

There is also the issue of property taxes to take into consideration in home purchase and using MLS services can put individuals in contact with a realtor who can provide this information.  Canada does indeed have property taxes, but the taxes depend upon municipality and can vary by area in Canada.  Knowing how much per year taxes will cost is a good reason to use MLS when home searching.  Vancouver and Toronto for example have higher-priced homes yet lower property taxes.  If area is not that important to someone searching for a home, data like this through a realtor associated with the MLS will be important. 

How to do an effective MLS Listings Search

First, decide what type of property to search.  A home, or condo, or even land may be the choice.  Some MLS realtors offer rental units also.  Knowing what type of search to do is important as there can be thousands of listings.   Input the area or areas in which the search should be done as there will be a form for this.  After properties are found, narrow down the MLS Listings Search even further deciding upon price, and the amenities sought.  Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and total square footage needed should be in mind.  Searches can be saved after signing up on an MLS Listings Search site, so there is no rush.  The MLS is extremely easy to use for most individuals.  Viewing can be done via online slide shows, or in some cases videos.  It does save wear and tear on a person’s nerves by narrowing down the possibilities.  Endless in person viewing of properties that do not suit an individuals’ needs is eliminated by using the MLS Search.  This service has been growing in popularity online for the past decade or more due to the value added and time saving components that it includes.  

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Both MLS and the term Multiple Listing Service are trademarked

This is done as both terms are used interchangeably only by licensed realtors who are accepted by the service and are part of the Canadian Real Estate Association.  This prevents those who are not licensed from listing outside the confines of the rules and regulations that govern the buying and selling of property in Canada.  The housing market in Canada as of 2021 was experiencing explosive growth, and the Government of Canada does want any purchasers of homes, condos, or land to feel safe in their choices and satisfied with their purchases.  The MLS Listings Search can contain “For Sale by Owner” listings also as private sales without a realtor can be listed.  However, there is a flat fee that a private owner must pay to MLS to do this.  

It also should be understood by both sellers and buyers that without a realtor on board, it can take longer to sell a home and negotiations are done only between both parties.  That leaves a lot of paperwork for both the seller and buyer.  While it may save the fee of using a realtor it is a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach and can draw out the process of closing effectively on a sale.  If in a hurry to move, and without knowledge of real estate these types of listings might not be advantageous to either a buyer or seller.  

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