Make the Most of Your Home Whatever the Weather – Fun Ideas for Rainy Days Indoors


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ideas for rainy days indoors

It’s great to get out and about but what about those days when you’re stuck inside? Here are some easy, fun ideas to help you make the most of your home on a rainy day!

Create a cinema experience! Put on your favourite film, turn your phone off and pretend you’re at your local multiplex. Get some popcorn, ice cream or your favourite film snack ready to eat and settle in. You could even binge a series, whether it’s Lord of the Rings or Pitch Perfect this is a great way to spend a day. Make your own tickets beforehand for a fully authentic experience and give them out to lucky invitees, this is also a fun project if you have kids in the house. Make sure you can all have a great view of the screen or even invest in a projector for a bigger picture. If you are a fan of football or basketball and wanted to enjoy the game from home. Then Ball House will provide the live streaming of the game. You can watch it on your tv or using projector. Grab your comfy blankets, cushions or even the duvet, snuggle up and get ready to relax!

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If you’re full of energy but stuck inside, try using your house as your gym! You can pop on a yoga video from YouTube in the living room, do some cardio running up and down the stairs or even make an assault course to really get moving! Grab some bottles of water or tins in the kitchen to create some weights, and the bonus to doing it in your own home? No queue for the showers!

Once you’ve done your at home work out, why not create an at home spa experience? Have a long soak in the bath with your favourite bubbles, stick on a face mask and some relaxing music on your mobile and enjoy a peaceful and soothing rest. Make time to looks after your hands and feet, and pop on some moisturiser or any products you have ready to go. You can even make yourself a fresh fruit smoothie or green tea for the full spa feel. And it goes without saying that the dress code is dressing gown and slippers.

Get cooking! A day indoors is the perfect chance to try a new recipe, whether its lemon drizzle cake or a full three course dinner. Have a look on Pinterest for inspiration or dig out some old recipe books to change up your lunch plans.

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Time to party! Throw yourself a full-on indoor rave with glow sticks, dance music and your favourite drink. It’s a great way to burn calories and have fun, whether you like to shimmy to the Nolans or head bang to some hard rock! Get your glad rags on and turn up the volume (as long as the neighbours don’t mind!) No need to get a cab home, you can fall straight into bed when you’re all danced out.

How about trying a new online game, whether it’s a blast from the past like Mario or Tetris, or something new like enjoying a casino experience from your own home! Fun and easy, with a chance to win some money, find out more at

These ideas will keep you entertained for at least 24 hours, and make a day indoors just as good as a night out!

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