Make Learning a Priority in Your Dorm Room


When you go to university, it seems pretty obvious that learning should be a priority, but unless you set your living quarters up specifically to make it conducive to studying, you might not get very far. The best college living option is to choose housing that has been designed for students and with learning in mind, such as The Quad at York, which includes amenities like high-speed internet, 24-hour business centres, break-out study rooms, a quiet atmosphere, and more. But if you’re not able to secure housing in such a facility, here are ways you can make learning a priority in your dorm room.

Organize Your Study Space

If you choose on-campus housing, a desk will likely be included in your furnishing, but it will probably be more utilitarian than anything else. The good news is you can set it up anyway you like to make sure it’s an appealing place to study. Place your pens, pencils, notebooks, and other tools in attractive containers and within easy reach of your chair. If your desk doesn’t have drawers (and most won’t), consider purchasing a set of plastic drawers to set under or to the side of your desk for storage and organization.

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Use Colour to Create the Right Mood

Feng shui experts recommend the colour orange if you want to create a space that strengthens focus and concentration. The bold, bright colour keeps you awake and alert, especially if you have to pull an all-nighter to pass an exam. You don’t have to paint the walls orange (and you might not be allowed to paint anyway), but adding a splash of this vibrant colour near your study space can really help you get in the mood to study.

If orange isn’t your thing, various shades of blue can create a calm, tranquil space that might give you the right atmosphere to quiet your mind so you can focus on your studies. The benefit of including blues in your decor scheme is that you’ll be able to relax in your room as well as study, as long as you do both in equal parts so you continue to succeed in school.

Add Plants

Studies show that adding plants to a room increases attentiveness and creativity, both of which are necessary qualities you’ll need to achieve high marks on your exams and assignments. Depending on the amount of natural light you get in your room, choose a hearty plant that can thrive even with small amounts of attention, just in case you get to studying so hard that you forget to water it. A corn plant, peace lily, or English Ivy are excellent options for students with busy lives and small rooms.

Minimize Distractions

This is a big one. You simply won’t study if you’re distracted by activities or objects that are more fun than reading a dense textbook. Everything that could potentially cause you to procrastinate should be put out of sight in a drawer or closet so that you aren’t tempted to skip the hard work and go right to the entertainment. 


Setting your dorm room up for studying is setting you up for university success. Do everything you can to plan ahead for a design scheme that promotes learning and you’ll be well on your way to earning that degree.

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