Maintaining Your Polished Concrete Flooring

There is an increasing number of classic and contemporary homes that are now using polished concrete as their preferred material for their floors. Not only do these flooring solutions provide a glossy wet-look appearance to any floor, they are also remarkably affordable to install. Maintaining the premium look of polished concrete does not have to entail a hefty price tag. Because they are relatively very easy to maintain and exceptionally easy to clean, Petvacuumlab says you can keep the integrity of your polished concrete flooring without so much as spending a fortune or even hiring a professional cleaning service.

You don’t need a very expensive chemical-rich cleaning solution, such as the Grind and seal finishes from Policrete. In many instances, a bucket of clean water is enough to help you thoroughly clean the surface.

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You can add a few drops of your favorite disinfectant to help reduce if not kill microorganisms on the floor. However, it is critical that you use only disinfectants that are pH-balanced. Normally on ordinary flooring solutions, citrus, vinegar, ammonia, or bleaches are added to the cleaning solution. Unfortunately, these are acidic solutions that can degrade the outermost layer of your polished concrete. As such these must be avoided at all costs. Plain, clean water will do just fine.

If there is stubborn dirt or grime that simply cannot be removed by plain water, you can use a gentle cleaner. Again, it is important to use only a product that has a neutral pH. Water is not really a good emulsifier of oily and grimy substances. An appropriate cleaning solution is thus necessary.

One of the most important characteristics of polished concrete is that it is non-porous. On the other hand, ordinary concrete is considered to be a highly porous material, absorbing spills and creating stains on the surface. Polished concrete will never have issues with liquid or moisture absorption. However, in case there are spills on your floor it is important to clean it and dry it up immediately. This is to help avoid staining.

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Ditch the broom and instead use a microfiber pad when cleaning your floor. It is less abrasive and can attract dust and even microscopic particles that may scratch the surface of your polished concrete floor. Over time, these scratching can dull the overall appearance of your floor.

When cleaning the polished concrete floor in your house or any other structure, it pays to be organized and systematic. Divide your cleaning chores into sections rather than attempting to clean an entire room in one pass. This helps to avoid potentially missing a certain area in the room. This can also be helpful when using a gentle cleaner on your floor. You are not supposed to allow the cleaning agent to dry up without mopping it thoroughly. Working in smaller sections addresses this.

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Keeping your polished concrete floor in tiptop shape is pretty easy. Being vigilant about the presence of spills and drying them immediately can help protect your floor. This way you’ll have a floor that looks the same way as you first installed it.

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