Made Goods: Products That Are Made To Last For a Lifetime

Made Goods is an e-commerce platform established out of a passion for creating beautiful goods that are produced to be sustainable and built to last for a long time. Their work is distinguished by the use of unique materials, unexpected proportions, and thoughtful design, all of which are products of their in-house design studio. Each item is crafted by hand, comes in ample supply, and is sure to spark creativity and inspire. 

Their curated collection provides exquisite and ethical alternatives to everyday-used products. These are products for people who want to live an aesthetically pleasing life while simultaneously reducing their impact on the environmental footprint. 

Made Goods carefully considers the selection of local and international products and brands that are representative of a conscious purchasing and way of living. Each of their suppliers obtains high-grade raw materials and handcrafts their wares with a lot of attention to detail and expertise. Their goods are crafted to last and are constructed with a commitment to sustainable consumption practices. Made Goods products are chosen because of their timeless aesthetic, unwavering integrity, and minimal negative impact on the environmental footprint. 

Made Goods’ online stores only sell items that have been rigorously evaluated against a set of 11 standards, which are as follows:

  • Handcrafted
  • Ethically Made
  • Sustainable
  • Organic
  • Locally Made
  • Natural
  • Transparent
  • Biodegradable
  • Recycled
  • Vegan

Visitors can browse for products that uphold their unique values in different shops that carry their brand. In this way,  consumers will benefit more from increased knowledge, more options, and increased transparency as a result of this.

Made Goods: Furniture and Lighting

Made Goods (MG) is a product innovator that sources unconventional materials to form dynamic shapes with atypical proportions. The statement pieces and lighting fixtures aimed at experimental designers and boutique collectors are the primary focus of their business. Made Goods offers handcrafted furniture and lighting that is crafted from natural teak and aged brass, as well as pieces made from reinforced concrete and sculptural and artistic statement pieces with luxurious faux finishes that imitate natural textures and earth stones.

Seating and Display

The natural world and different eras throughout art history serve as sources of inspiration for Made Goods’ collections of contemporary bespoke seaters and display pedestals, which have gained the company a great deal of notoriety. 

The Adonis has a surface that has the appearance of polished marble but is actually finished to look like faux malachite. You can sit on it, put things on display with it, or use it as a statement piece. 

Reinterpreting Egyptian motifs that were popular during the Art Deco period in the early 20th century resulted in the creation of the realistic faux shagreen Annika stool. 

To those fans of brutalist designs, Made Goods also offers the Ashmore stool, which is crafted out of reinforced concrete and perfectly finished in two-tone contrast metallics. The Ashmore is a one-of-a-kind piece crafted by hand and built to withstand weather and temperature changes. It is versatile and can be used as a display piece and as outdoor seating.

Made Goods 1

Cabinets and Consoles Desks

The Avanna console is a stylish and functional option for outdoor entertaining that is also resistant to the elements. The Avanna is a multifunctional piece that is made of natural teak and features a faux-wicker basket. It can be used as either a dining tray or a cocktail stand. 

The Grant Console features design elements that are reminiscent of pop art from the 1960s. This piece of furniture can be found in a surreal setting, featuring a surreal lattice frame made of hammered brass and glass shelves at the top and bottom. It is a stylish placement option for a console in a bar or lounge area. 

The Kalman is a rustic modernist piece that is part of Made Goods desk and credenza-buffet collections. It is reminiscent of 1930s craftsman furniture or the Key West bungalow that Ernest Hemingway owned. Full grain leather was used for the upholstery, and the top was given the appearance of an aged camel. Over time, the fine leather may develop age-related color and texture variations that are natural to the material. 

The Adali, a mooted cabinet buffet with a faux raffia finish, was created by Made Goods in response to feedback from previous customers. This modern piece features a clean design, adjustable shelves, and cutouts in the back for cords. The Adali is offered in a choice of two sizes and four distinct color options.

Lighting Fixtures and Lamps

For the adventurous aesthetician, Made Goods provides a variety of chandeliers, table lamps, and floor lamps. The Amani Drum drop-shade has a natural and delicate appearance thanks to its construction out of woven abaca and natural linen for the finish. There are two sizes to choose from when purchasing an Amani Drum. 

The Bixby is a two-tone neutral design that is designed from handcrafted pottery ceramic and finished in a cream and sand color scheme. The Bixby is the ideal table lamp to use as an accent piece when paired with a dark brown or white credenza or desk. 

The Connelly is a drop-down pendant chandelier made of beautifully woven seagrass in earth tones. It is perfect for adding a modern coastal touch to any space. 

Another stunning example of a drop-down pendant is the Elba, which takes its name from the middle-century modern sputnik satellite that served as its design inspiration. Standard spheres have been replaced with overlapping disks of kabibe shells. The abstract geometric floating satellite that is created is a result of each disk’s variable dimensions and diameters. 

The baroque style Harper drop-pendant features a design that is reminiscent of brutalist architecture. Brass sheet metal is used in the fabrication of these pieces, which are then cut and trimmed to look like feathers or leaves. The Harper is a stunning piece that looks great when combined with earth tones that are both neutral and contrasting.  

The Alondra is a stylish piece that is an abstract drop-pendant that takes its design cues from the blooming of a flower—constructed with multiple layers of natural rattan, each layer having fluid, braided edges that scatter the surrounding light. There is now a choice between a small and large size of the Alondra. 

The figural Raina Floor Lamp was created with coastal living in mind due to its tropical vibe. Because the base is made up of natural oyster shells that have been set in resin, each lamp is one of a kind and features natural color variation.

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