Luxury Housing in 2022: Evolution in Technology and Opening to the Outside World


Luxury Housing

The pandemic has changed our way of looking at life. It affects the luxury market as well, with trends that will probably remain with us, for many years to come. It has enhanced the importance of technology inside our home and sent us looking for greener and warmer pasture. Here are the latest evolutions in the world of luxury houses. 

  • New Emerging Markets Under the Sun

It can be debated that the most important change that the coronavirus crisis left behind, is a need to be outside. The months of lockdowns, that we had to suffer, have modified our relationship to nature. Being stuck inside four walls, for months at a time, will do that to you. We need to feel the sun on our skin and to be able to watch the blue sky. And so, it is no surprise that aluminium sliding doors and large aluminium windows have come to modify the exterior walls of luxury houses. It has turned them into an opening towards the environment outside. To get an idea of the large variety of glass panes available today, you can visit

But if you are to look outside, you may as well go out, right? That is definitely what luxury house buyers have been thinking, as we see them look for houses located in warmer climates. Yet, that doesn’t mean they want to leave the advantages of the big cities, behind. In fact, the idea that people wanted to move to the suburbs, after the pandemic, did not stick. A chief economist and real-estate wealth advisor for Nest Seekers even said that it had been a bit overblown. So, yes to the sun and the luxurious garden, but no to a twenty minute ride to the closest hub.

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  • Bring in the Latest Technology

If there is a consensus for all luxury houses today, it is that it has to be fully equipped with the latest technological advances. It would seem the idea is, that if we are going to live inside our homes for weeks and months at a time, we may as well do it in full comfort and efficiency. This is not so surprising, when we take in account the fact that many luxury house owners are in business, and need to stay in touch with clients on a constant basis. Therefore, their living accommodations have to be fully Wi-Fi capable, and at high velocity. Otherwise, the Zoom and Skype calls breakdown could become costly, rapidly. You can also buy stressless recliners from European Leather Gallery.

But the internet is not the only thing that is important to them. Managing the energy bill is another crucial element. That is why these houses have all the latest electronic gadgets that enable them to keep the house at the right temperature to be comfortable, yet at the lowest cost possible. After all, making money starts by saving it. Nowadays, having a house that you cannot control from afar, for people who have the means to install such systems, is simply unthinkable. So bring in the technology and let the sun shine in. That is the new mentality in terms of luxury housing, in 2022.

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