Loopholes in Education That Prevents the Success and Progress of Students


Loopholes in Education 1

Many students fail to progress in their education, which can disappoint them, their parents, and anyone else looking up to them. Today, we will explore the different factors affecting the progress of students. From there, we can determine the loopholes, making it easier for the organizations to work on them.   

Unqualified Teaching Staff

This is not a common challenge in many schools, but some hire unqualified personnel in their institutions. The success of individuals will depend on how the teachers do their job. A teacher’s job doesn’t end when they leave class after teaching. They are also responsible for ensuring that students adhere to the rules governing the schools and respect others.

Unqualified teachers would assume their purpose is to teach and not bother about anything affecting the students’ environments outside class. Unfortunately, this behavior often exposes students to situations whereby they don’t care and can make mistakes because no one monitors them. This will indeed affect their academic performance.

High Cost of Education

Scholarship money concept. Coins in jar with money stack step growing growth saving money investment
Scholarship money concept. Coins in jar with money stack step growing growth saving money investment

The cost of education can be very high for some parents, and this will prevent them from taking their children to particular learning institutions. However, students can always apply for scholarships whenever they feel they can’t afford the cost of education. So, you have to present a worthwhile scholarship application essay if you want to qualify for the scholarship. Luckily Grademiners can assist you in achieving that.  

Some students attend expensive schools, and when they lack enough cash to support their education, they often drop out. It is thus vital to ensure that you have enough money before applying for such schools.

Individuals can engage in side hustles to earn enough money to cater to their schools. Also, saving allows students to afford their school fees. Additionally, continuing students can engage online platforms and offer services like writing, video editing, designing, transcriptions, and tutoring, among many other jobs, and earn. Ensure that you have enough time so that you don’t compromise your performance.

Low-Quality Education

The quality of education can also affect the progress of students. Incompetent tutors are prone to offering low-quality education. Many students would prefer to attend the best schools available. Moreover, these schools can only accommodate some students from the many who send their applications. So, some individuals would be selected for other schools but not the ones they had applied to.

Even though there are rules to govern the education system, there will still be schools that don’t adhere to them. As such, they end up offering low-quality education. Today, many schools compete for students because they believe they are in business. Some opt to offer low-cost education to attract more students, yet they don’t consider the quality. Such situations will always compromise the progress of individuals who study there.  

Absence of Learning Resources and Research Materials 

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Your success in education will depend on how much you interact with it. Researching is vital in ensuring that individuals access top-grade academic resources in their careers. But what if such services aren’t available?

Some schools lack enough resource materials. As a result, it becomes difficult for students in such an environment to excel or progress in their education because they can secure enough knowledge to attach to their papers.

Some areas, especially in third-world countries, lack electricity, which can significantly challenge the students’ performance. The Internet also plays a major role in the access to quality learning materials. Moreover, only a few students can access the Internet. Those students who can’t access the Internet might not be able to perform better in their education or progress in their careers. 

Bottom Line

The government should monitor schools to ensure that they adhere to the regulations governing learning institutions. In addition, they must support schools by providing financial assistance or quality learning resources. They should also consider students who need more money to finance their education by allocating grants to them. 

It is crucial also to select a committee of experts who can work hand in hand with the government to ensure that schools don’t break the set rules. Remember, our children are the leaders of tomorrow. So, if they can’t access quality education when needed, there will be a major challenge in the future.

Parents should also play a role in ensuring that their kids can access quality education. In addition, they should always be there to support their children by helping them to manage their stress.

With such remedies, we can be certain that the quality of education accessed by our children is sufficient and that they can easily progress in their career disciplines.

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