Lofty Expectations: 7 Reasons to Start Your Loft Ladder Installation


Lofty Expectations

How much time have you spent dragging a ladder in and out of the house to get up to the loft? Have you ever stood on a rickety chair to try to drag down a box of tinsel because it was the nearest thing you could grab? If any of this sounds familiar, you need to have a loft ladder installation done.

Loft ladders can make it far easier to access part of your home and keep you safer in the process. Read on to learn more about why you need a loft ladder and the different types you can get.

More Convenient Access

If you use your loft for storage but don’t have a loft ladder, chances are you’re going to only keep things you need once or twice a year up there. Winter coats, Christmas decorations, that old afghan your grandmother crocheted out of yarn that looks and feels like sasquatch hair – that sort of thing. But having a loft ladder can give you easier access to the loft.
More Convenient Access
Not having to haul a ladder in and out every time you want to get to something in the loft makes it easier to store things you use more frequently there. You can put extra blankets, kitchen items you don’t use all the time, and board games in your loft and be able to get to them when you need them with no hassle.

Better Storage Options

Another way having a loft ladder can improve your storage options is by making it safer for you to move heavy things up and down to the loft. When you’re using a ladder, a stool, or, God forbid, a chair, to access the loft, you’re limited in what you can store there. You can really only put up things you can lift up with one hand.

But with a loft ladder, you can safely carry heavier boxes up and down the stairs. You won’t have to worry about clinging to the sides of a ladder or trying to balance on top of a stool. Having this extra storage space available can revolutionize the storage space in the rest of your house.

Greater Safety

On the subject of safety, it’s never a good idea to stand on a chair or a ladder while you’re accessing the loft. You’re likely to overbalance and tip over, especially if you’re hauling around heavy boxes. Not to mention the danger you pose to your furniture every time you go hauling a ladder through the house.

Loft ladders are a much safer way to access your storage. You’ll be able to go up and down a set of stairs that are securely attached. You should still use caution, as twenty-five people in the U.K. and 300 people in the U.S. still die from falls from a height every year.

Easier Maintenance

If you have a boiler or a water heater in your loft, you may have to have a loft ladder installation done. This is becoming a more and more popular option in homes, since it keeps the utilities out of your way in the rest of the house. But for the people who service these devices, safety is paramount.
Easier Maintenance
Many maintenance men will not go up into a loft if there is not a proper loft ladder installed. They spend their days going up and down ladders, and they need to make sure they stay safe. So if you intend to have a boiler, heater, or other appliance in the loft, you need to get a loft ladder put in.

More Space Expansion Possibilities

When you’re looking for extra space in your house, the loft is one of the best options. Many of these spaces these days are insulated, which is great for energy efficiency. But it’s also makes finishing out the loft into a proper living space far easier.

But if you’re going to use the loft as a living space, you can’t keep a ladder in the house all the time. You need a loft ladder that will make it easy and safe to get up and down from the loft. Getting them installed is the least of the investments you’ll make in turning that space into something useable.

Cheap Home Improvement

In fact, putting in a loft ladder is one of the most affordable home improvements you can make. A standard ladder that will get you up and down from a loft costs as much as £400. And that money doesn’t go into increasing the actual value of your home at all.

But a loft ladder can cost you as little as £145 and will go towards increasing your home value. Buyers will appreciate you having a stable, built-in way to access the loft. The amount of money you spend on a loft ladder will depend on what type you get.

Different Types of Loft Ladders

There are multiple types of loft ladders, starting with the basic two-section ones that fold down to give you access. You can also get ladders that come in three or even four sections. You can get them in wood or aluminum options and in sliding or folding styles.

If you’re working in a very compact space, you can get concertina loft ladders that fold up like an accordion to store away. Or you can get a telescopic ladder where each section slides out from the next. If you need maximum ease of use for your ladder, you can also get styles that are electrically powered.

Get Your Loft Ladder Installation Done

Get Your Loft Ladder Installation Done
Having a loft ladder installation done is a good investment in your home and your safety. Not only will you be able to access your storage space more easily, you’ll also be safer while you do so. Pick the loft ladder style that works best for you and take your house to the next level.

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