Lighting Ideas for Your New House

Having a new house is like working on a blank slate that’s waiting to be adorned. It feels like crafting a personal work of art. Your creative juices will get filled with overflowing ideas. You swell with excitement at the prospect of having a splendid-looking house inside and out.

Although the interior is equally important, it’s the exterior that the eyes first set upon. The outdoor garden and deck made dazzling by well-positioned spotlights create the impression of an exotic outward appearance – the factor which exudes beauty.

How to execute it best? Here are some lighting ideas for your new house.

Lighting Ideas for Your New House

#1: Linear Lighting

Linear Lighting

DSpace Studio designed this type of lighting to reflect modern elegance. It features white, illuminated risers for the deck, made possible by affixing linear cathode light to frosted plexiglass. The design creates the illusion of the rises being filled with light. The result is a functional yet elegant vibe where the lights stand out by directing people to the deck’s location in a graceful manner.

#2: Al Fresco Dining

If dining outdoors is what you do best, then this lighting design is perfect for you. You could drape your deck’s dining space with vintage light strings over steel cables.

Remember, however, that this lighting concept works best with decks built without a roof, as the natural moonlight adds to the classic old-school vibe.

When viewed as a whole, the vibe from the lighting makes your space look fresh, clean, and natural.

#3: Sunken Deck

Sunken Deck
This brainchild from GrowsGreen transforms any outdoor area from unassuming in the morning but surprising at night. It features a deck attached with low-affixed lights. Its uniqueness lies in lights being mounted in its sunken parts, which compartmentalizes space through blocked descents. It’s a perfect blend of modern architecture and natural environmental design.

#4: Modern Elegance

You can also take a cue from Elluminate Lighting designs use of minimalistic lighting for your deck. Round LED lights mounted on the stairs keep the overall look clean and straightforward.

#5: Waterfront Home Lighting

If your house is near bodies of water, then this design is meant for you. They are developing an ingenious idea to utilize space and lighting so that it accommodates numerous family activities adequately. This design uses a combination of lights at different areas: hedges have bright lights, deck levels use round lights, and passageways have step lights.
Waterfront Home Lighting

Final Thoughts

There is a reason that a particular famous book started with the line “Let there be light.” It is to emphasize the importance of lighting when it comes to beginnings. A new house should bask in the warmth of the light and not hide in the night’s shadows.

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Poetic it may sound, the point is that when something is new, it should be shiny and bright. Nobody wants their new house to look gloomy and shabby. It should be lively and pristine! Start with good lighting and rest assured you’re off to a bright beginning.

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