Learn about Mold and Remedial Solutions for It

The microscopic mold spores can escape your eyes. But when you encounter fuzzy spots on the wall, you must get alert and realize it is there. During mold season in the US, it becomes quite challenging to stay healthy. And since it is also the pandemic time, you can call it double trouble. When searching on the internet, you must have discovered some terrifying tales around its invasion, and that may have triggered your curiosity to find what it can do to your health. Or how you can protect your home from it. While there can be various types of mold growth in a house, you need to be more careful about the toxic black ones.

Black or black colored mold

A mold with black pigment is a black mold, which may not be toxic but allergic. You can find mold growth both inside and outside the home. If it invades your home, health issues like asthma and allergy can occur. However, dark black or green ones can be extremely toxic. You usually get them in attics. These can release harmful chemicals through the spores and pollute the breathable air. It can be dangerous for your health. When specific material remains in the wet condition for at least 72 hours, this type of mold finds a favorable environment for their growth.

Apart from moisture, another reason can be improper ventilation. If the exhaust fan in your bathroom throws air in the attic and not outside, the mold problem can develop. Then, continuous leakage can also be a supporting factor for them.

The health implications

How long you stay in the environment infested with mold can determine the extent of damage to your overall wellbeing. As mentioned, non-toxic molds can lead to allergies, especially in sensitive people. However, if it is toxic, you can suffer from a sneeze, fatigue, rashes, eye irritation, regular headaches, etc. In some cases, it can even cause vomiting, nausea, and nose or lung bleeding. Some also point out its neurological and mental effects.

The mold prevention


Some companies offer mold and black mold remediation services. You can check this link for information – https://www.puremaintenanceal.com/. These companies usually go by a fogging process to control and eliminate this issue. Usually, fogging involves spreading a mist of antimicrobial solution. It covers the entire area, killing or restricting them on all types of surfaces. A fogger can work in a room, cabinet, or any space inflicted with the mold problem. You can also benefit from it in the garage, storage shed, etc.

So, if you suspect mold growth in your house, it is advisable to take action. You can do it yourself. But it would be risky if you don’t follow safety rules. To be on the safe side, you can contract an agency specializing in fogging technology. They can remove your stress quickly at a cost-effective rate. However, before you hire them, make sure to learn about their background and experience. If they have expertise and skills, you don’t have to think about anything else.

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