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It doesn’t matter if you’ve just found the perfect antique piece of furniture at a local resale or if your existing piece has suffered from a build-up of grime and dirt; a dull-looking piece of furniture can diminish the overall aesthetic appeal of a room. This is why many owners of old and antique wooden furniture are always looking for ways to restore their pieces back to their former glory (without the need to replace them). However, before committing to restoring wood furniture either by DIY or hiring a furniture restoration London company, there are some things you should know about furniture restoration.

You need to decide which wood furniture is worth saving

When considering whether to restore a piece of wood furniture, you must first decide on whether it is worth the time and effort. As a rule, avoid painted wood furniture as paint tends to cover up many scars, such as burn marks and water stains. Restoring a varnished piece is always better because, in addition to being easier to remove, you will be able to see the condition of the wood under the surface easily.

Furniture restoration is not the same as repairing

One of the mistakes people make is hiring a furniture repairer when in reality, what their wood furniture needs is to be restored. Repairing wood furniture essentially brings back its functionality, while restoration does more than improve functionality. It breathes new life into the furniture by returning it to its original state, making the piece look good as new. In terms of market value, repairing furniture tends to reduce its value, while restoration can either maintain or increase its value.


The restoration process depends on the type of wood

Restoring a piece of furniture to achieve the best quality finish isn’t just plain sailing; you will need to consider the different types of wood that are used, as each type will come with its own personality that you will have to deal with. The type of finish you will get from restoring a piece of furniture tends to vary from wood to wood. 

For example, maple wood which is a type of hardwood, tends to blemish when stained. This is because it has some areas that are tight and close, whereas other areas are loose and open. This means that in order to achieve an even colour with this type of wood, you will need to pre-condition the wood before staining. In some cases, you might even need to apply toning onto the finish to make it appear more even.


Furniture restoration is always a better and more cost-effective alternative to replacing wood furniture that has become damaged, worn-out or has lost its charm over the years. The process of restoring wood furniture is also quite simple, but there are certain factors (like the type of wood and the nature of the finish) that you will need to be aware of, especially if you intend to restore the furniture yourself. Alternatively, you can rest easy and let a furniture restoration company handle the restoration.

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