Know These 6 Essential Things If You’re Thinking Of Installing A New Roof


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If you are changing the look of your house and are considering changing the roofing style, if you need to fix a problematic roof, or if you want to improve the roof’s functionality, we have some great advice that will make the whole process much easier and might also save you some money. Have a look at our top tips for anyone looking to install a new roof for their home.

1. How To Upgrade

Roofing jobs can be expensive, time-consuming, and extremely invasive, often making it difficult to live in the house while the job is going on. While most homeowners will look for expert roof installers to manage the job for them, you could also do it yourself if you are handy around the house. It’s very easy to do it yourself, especially if you have a simple roofing system such as an aluminum sheet roof. You might need to invest in a few tools, but it will still be much cheaper than hiring a service provider. If you are upgrading to a concrete roof or something that requires technical expertise to install, such as solar panel roof tiles, it’s best to get an expert to do the job.

2. Roofing Options

Rather than opting for a solution that you have seen around the neighborhood or something that you saw several years ago and always wanted to incorporate into your house, spend some time evaluating options. The construction market has changed a lot in recent years, and there are several new solutions available today that weren’t around just a few years ago. Moreover, some solutions such as solar panel tiles that were considerably expensive in the past are much more affordable today. Don’t feel limited when it comes to roofing options; there are a lot of solutions, but you’ll have to spend some time finding the right one.

3. Costs

It’s not just the cost of the materials and the installation job that you need to consider when you are setting a budget for your roofing. The repair teams that work with advise homeowners to look into the maintenance costs for their roofing materials and the cost of repairs if they were to get damaged. Some types of roofs might need seasonal maintenance. Others, such as solar panel tiles, might be expensive to replace, since a broken solar tile cannot be repaired and you would have to replace the damaged tile.

4. Function

Installing a new roof is also a great time to add more space and more function to your home. The roof is a large portion of the house, and if you make the right changes, you could create a lot of space and also positively impact the rest of the house, which could help you save money. With the right roof design, you could significantly reduce the amount of heat in your house and save a lot of money on energy bills. The right roof can also help insulate your house better in colder climates.

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5. Contractors Vs. DIY

While doing it yourself will save you money, if you don’t have experience in this task it will be a learning curve and you could end up spending several weekends on the job. This is not to mention that since you aren’t a qualified expert, you won’t get any insurance coverage and would be risking the integrity of the structure. If it’s a simple job that doesn’t require too much skill or time, go for it, but if you are doing a complex roofing design, leave it to the experts. Moreover, through contractors, you can get insurance and quality claims that will protect your investment in the future.

6. Documents

Beyond just a building permit, you might also want to check local regulations on what is permitted for roofing in your area and whether or not you will need a special permit for the work. Make sure as well that you get all the right documents from your contractor, such as work quality guarantees and insurance certificates that will cover you in the case something goes wrong later. Hang on to these for as long as the warranty period is valid. 

If you are going through with a roofing project, be prepared for it to be noisy, disruptive, and time-consuming. If you do it right, though, you can live with the same roof without any hassles for several years or even decades to come. This is why it is important to spend whatever it costs to get the job done right. Your roofing will have a huge impact on your home and will be an investment that lasts quite a while.

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