Know the Services that Impact the AC Maintenance Cost Metairie, LA!


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As summer is around, the fans would be rotating at full blast, windows remain wide open, and still, you experience that sweating. But when you notice the neighbors in your locality, you would see that they are living in comfort with windows closed. Are you wondering how it is possible? Well, without worrying about the AC maintenance cost Metairie, LA, your neighbors would have utilized AC tune-up and maintenance services. If you take serious maintenance steps for your air conditioner, you can enjoy the same comfort as your neighbors. When you do it before the summer, you can be relaxed and do not have to wait for the expert’s arrival at peak months. 

During the peak months, the air conditioning units fail to work in most homes. The AC contractors will be visiting one after other residences and providing services. It is hard to expect them to arrive on time when you have scheduled services. When you plan for air conditioning maintenance Metairie, LA before the summer or during the Spring, you can get immediate services at a reasonable cost. Most people forget about AC tune-up and rush for services only when the heat peaks up. 

AC maintenance checklist for Metairie, LA residents!

Though several factors are involved in the maintenance of the system, the below-mentioned tasks are major in the checklist. If you are serious about preventative care, ensure to read the following checklist before calling the best AC maintenance Metairie, LA.

Coils and condensers:

If you do not cover the outdoor air conditioning units in the off-season months, you have to be cautious about coils and condensers. There are high chances of accumulation of various substances around the condenser like the natural debris, plants, grass cutting, leaves, and others. There are also high possibilities of pollen formation and mold development. When removing and cleaning these things, you have to be careful as these substances can affect the unit’s fins. If you do not clean the surroundings, it will directly impact the AC unit. An excellent way to maintain the outdoor unit is by cleaning with a light cloth along with instant bursts from tinned air. 

Coolant lines:

Are you thinking about why you should check the coolant lines? Well, it helps in avoiding the chance of cooling or heating loss. For example, if it has happened, you would be noticing expensive energy bills. It is simple and quick to inspect the coolant lines. You have to see whether the lines are completely preserved in the foam insulation tape or foam sleeves. 

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It is wise to evaluate the functioning and status of ductwork mainly when you are having an enforced air heating unit. By visually reviewing, you would know what is wrong and how it is functioning. You need to see whether there are serious holes or dents and the entire seals are well intact. Ductwork does not require full cleaning and it can be carried out only by a professional. As an owner, you can review and report to the contractor if in case you are noticing the following things.

  • Mold development
  • When you notice a nesting in the ductwork
  • Hair and debris formation
  • Noticeable odor arriving from the ducts
  • Latest home renovations

These are some situations that can damage or destroy the ductwork. So, it has to be checked as quickly as possible before it turns out serious. 


It has to be cleaned and maintained on a pretty regular basis. The best part is filter cleaning is simple and can be achieved by yourself. You have to ensure that it is replaced or cleaned every one month or three months. If the filters get clogged, it would directly affect airflow. Due to this, the air quality in your house would drop and result in mold development. Apart from the air quality issues, there are chances for the coils on the AC unit to freeze. When it freezes, it pushes the system to run longer and function harder, resulting in expensive energy bills. Filter cleaning is one of the easiest maintenance steps that should be performed on priority. 

At times, regular maintenance would not stop repairs in the system. If the issue arises in a system, call Comfort Masters at 504-800-8565 and book for services. 

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