Kitchen Design: 5 Steps To Your Dream Kitchen


Steps To Your Dream Kitchen 2

One of the warmest rooms in the house is the kitchen. It’s where the magic happens. Feeling the vibe and setting the mood of your kitchen as you please is very important, especially if you love to cook. And size doesn’t matter when it comes to the perfect kitchen. Modeling and designing your dream kitchen based on your tastes is very exciting. Here are five steps that will help you achieve that goal.   

Find your style 

Even though size doesn’t matter when it comes to the perfect kitchen, you should nevertheless measure everything. You can’t install a kitchen island in a small kitchen that allows only three people in it, for example. Everything should be in its place and not look overcrowded. Nowadays, there are a lot of kitchen storage styles that are invisible and look very neat. Once you measure up your kitchen, you have to find out what kind of style you’re going for. Create a mood board with your favorite styles, and then you can take something from everything. Some of the best kitchen styles are these:

  • A one-wall kitchen is the best style if you have a small kitchen.  
  • A U-shaped kitchen is the best style if you have a big kitchen. Some U-shaped kitchens have an island in the middle, and they are very well organized. 
  • Budget kitchen—where everything is organized and built from scratch. There are numerous designs that can be created while saving a significant amount of money.

Paint your Dreams 

Once you’ve picked the kind of style you’re going for in your dream kitchen, it should be easy to pick the colors and lighting. One of the most trendy colors for a kitchen is white, wood/brown, and black, which is really making a turn nowadays. However, if you’re into Mediterranean style or you want to paint your kitchen a unique color, go with olive or turquoise. It will make you feel like you’re cooking somewhere in Italy or Greece.  

Light your Dreams 

Lighting plays a huge role not only in the kitchen but in the entire house. You can design the perfect kitchen with perfect shelves and perfect space, but one bad light can ruin everything. You might want to go with LED warm lights that you can change whenever you want, such as when you have guests and want it to look more romantic.

Steps To Your Dream Kitchen 1

Pick your Dreams 

Make sure you pick the right materials to use in your kitchen—the ones that will last longer. A lot of things going on in the kitchen—a lot of burning and a lot of cuts—and that is why it is really important what kind of materials you use. For example, natural wood is the best solution when it comes to longevity and strength in the kitchen. Consider asking for a professional opinion once you decide to remodel your kitchen. They will be able to help you pick the right materials, colors, and everything else you need. Pick the right countertops, or you can have full custom kitchen cabinets in Austin, Houston, or Dallas that will provide additional storage space and a higher level of craftsmanship.

Banquets Are Still in Style 

Since everyone was going for island kitchens, banquet tables started to be less useful or removed in general. Gathering and eating in the island kitchen is really modern, we agree, but banquets bring you another warm family feeling. It gives you the idea that you are closer to the person in front of you. However, you can have both a banquet and an island kitchen, but then the kitchen will look overcrowded unless you have a big kitchen. 


Creating and designing your dream kitchen is really exciting once you know what kind of style you’re going for. The size of the kitchen is unimportant as long as adequate storage is provided and the kitchen does not appear overcrowded. Picking the perfect color and lighting is also essential, as it will definitely change the mood of the kitchen by making it more vibrant. The looks of the kitchen shouldn’t be the only important thing. You don’t need all that beautiful stuff if it’s not going to last. Make sure you pick the right materials that have longevity and strength, as a lot of things can go on in the kitchen. Designing your dream kitchen has never been easier.

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