6 Kitchen Appliances Necessary for A Modern Kitchen


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Multi-Use items should be on top of your list when you think about what you need to stock your kitchen with. They help you save on space in your kitchen while reducing the number of items that you may need to dispose of once your needs start to change. Talking of needs; they should be the primary reason why you choose one item and let go of another. Buying appliances just because a friend has them won’t be a very idea. You may have to get rid of them sooner than you think. Your kitchen space, cooking style, family size and dietary restrictions are some of the many factors that you need to have in mind when you think of stocking your kitchen.

Here are some appliances that will make your cooking experience interesting.

{ 1 } An Electric Kettle

It’s one of those appliances that are always used whenever one is in the kitchen. Its usefulness is hardly appreciated before it is gotten. But once it makes its way into your kitchen, using the stove to boil your water won’t make much sense anymore as it is way faster and uses energy more efficiently.

{ 2 } A Pressure Cooker

If your kitchen is not very spacious then this will serve you very suitably. The slow cooker does not stand a chance with it. The time that you used with your regular pot will be reduced significantly once you have this appliance in your kitchen. This multi cooking appliance also allows you to steam, sauté, brown or simmer your food depending on how you like it.

{ 3 } An Electric Mixer

A stand mixer is best suited for a kitchen where baking is the order of the day. It is sure to take your baking a notch higher. You can buy a stand mixer from Pick A Stand Mixer. A hand mixer which is the other option serves well when your mixing is only occasional. This device will give you great results while saving on both your time and energy. It won’t eat up much of your space either as it can be placed on the countertop.

{ 4 } A Food Processor

Its versatility will surely impress you. If you are working on a recipe that you need to double on then this appliance won’t disappoint. Plus you also get to feed your family without much hustle. You won’t have to think of getting a blender once you have this device in your kitchen. Its multiple blades allow you to shred, slice, mix and grind in your kitchen with much ease. A good food processor is definitely a must have in your kitchen. If you don’t have much space in your kitchen you could get a mini food processor, like those reviewed by TheHealthyCuisine.

{ 5 } Power Air Fryer

With great speed, you get to fry your favourite dishes in a healthier way with the Power air fryer xl. Far much less fat and oil will be needed as it makes use of the hot air technology. It is also a guaranteed way of preparing meals that are cleaner without losing any of their flavours. With a variety of pre-programmed cooking functions you get to grill, roast, air-fry and bake using this solid device. You won’t have to preheat the oven before using it as you can automatically set your desired temperature for cooking. Your food will not overcook as it has an automatic shut-off feature. The fry basket that comes with it can easily be loaded and has a basket divider that ensures that the whole meal can be prepared at one go.

{ 6 } A Microwave

You had cooked you’re earlier and it’s already cold, then this oven ensures that you can you heat your food quickly. The efficient distribution of heat ensures that your meal is evenly heated. This appliance is greatly versatile as gives you provision to heat a different kind of foods. It should not cost you much either.

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There you have it. These appliances are sure to make your kitchen experiences less troublesome and more enjoyable.

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