Key Steps while Dealing with Fire Damage


Fire Damage1

Fire damage restoration is a challenging task and involves several steps, processes, and techniques. You can’t do it on your own for sure. Thus, make sure to hire someone like (company’s name) to minimize the possibility of increasing damages. 

Here are some steps that you and your expert need to perform to deal with the fire damage. 

Damages Inspection

After the fire damage, you need to consider the fire inspection process. The inspection helps you or the expert to determine the level of the damages. However, you need to take permission from the firefighters before keeping a foot in your house. They will permit you only if it is safe to enter the affected property. 

Once you get the permission, the first thing you need to do is to search for all of your and your family’s important documents (if saved from the fire). This includes birth certificates, identification, social security cards, degrees, and other necessary papers. In addition, try to inspect fire damages as cautiously as possible without getting into any trouble. Conversely, if your firefighter indicates that your house is unsafe, avoid getting into your house. It’s better to call your insurance company so that they can inspect the damages. 

Fire Damage2

Emergency Board Up

Your chosen damage restoration expert will give you an emergency board to secure the remaining undamaged parts of your property. Generally, fires leave your property exposed. Moreover, the first task of every firefighter team is to resolve the fire. This is why they need to make a passage to enter your house. For this reason, they break down the door or windows of your house. 

Sometimes the fires even reach the top of the roof; in this case, a board-up will secure your property from further damages. Not to mention, after the fire, there are great chances of vandals entering your house. Thus, professionals make sure that no one gets the chance to sneak into your home. 

Third-Party Inspection

Generally speaking, inspecting the property yourself or taking your insurance company’s help is not enough. The third-party commercial fire damage restoration experts help you restore your property in the best possible way. They will determine the structure, the extent of the damage and give an honest estimation of the cost of replacements and repairs. 

A proper inspection includes the checking of the following things.

  • Roof
  • Structure
  • Plumbing
  • Siding
  • Framing
  • Heating systems
  • Interior walls

Besides that, the professionals will also ensure the air quality of your house. For this, they need to provide you commercial HVAC duct cleaning services. This way, experts will assess the damage done to your duct, what is the possibility of further destruction, and how it is impacting the other things in your property. Duct cleaning is crucial as the hidden problems can lead to bad air quality or cause a fire. 

The air duct cleaning becomes necessary when you notice rings of dust accumulating around or on the vent or when you or other family members start experiencing allergic reactions in the house. These are the signs that your property contains airborne allergens. 

Water and Fire Damage Cleaning

After inspection and other processes, the experts start fire damage restoration. The professionals will clean the dust, smoke, and soot from the surfaces. After the fire, the house gets dark, charred, and stained; this is why the experts’ first priority is to restore your house to its pre-fire condition. 

Fire Damage3

They will also try to restore the water damages. If the water has accumulated in the house, they will remove it. Plus, they dry and sanitize all the areas, as water damages and contaminated water can also lead to several health conditions. This is why clearing the water and sanitizing your property is crucial. Your chosen company will also ensure to eliminate moisture using high-power machines as it may lead to mold growth. Moreover, they might have to remove or clean the carpet, throw your curtains, or wash some accessories. Lastly, the clean-up step of the fire damage restoration also involves the disposal of completely destroyed or burned things. 

Repair and Renovation

The last step in the fire damage restoration requires repairing and renovation of your house. For instance, if your kitchen cabinets get completely destroyed, your chosen company will replace them with new ones. They will also help you to install new carpets and paint your walls. The professionals aim to restore your property to a top-notch condition. 

The best fire restoration companies also offer you renovation techniques and processes. This helps you make your house look prettier and hide all the signs of fire damages. You can say that it is your chance of redesigning your house in a better way. 

Bottom Line

Hence, if you want fire damage restoration in Dallas, we have you covered. Our aim is to help you in every possible way so that you can easily deal with the tragedy. At (company’s name), we provide all the restoration services to make your house appear newer and beautiful. If you need help, you can contact us at (company’s number). We are more than happy to help you. 

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