Key Signs That Your Old Dated Windows May Need Replacing

Windows are not only created for aesthetic purposes, but also as additional protection for those inside the house. Since your windows act as another form of defense against various elements, they undergo wear and tear.

You must watch out for these signs so you can replace your old dated windows right away:

  • Your windows are hard to open and close. Are your windows difficult to operate? Do you have a hard time opening and closing them? If yes, it is an indicator that your windows already need replacing.
  • You have a high electricity bill. During the summer, do you always turn on the air conditioner because the heat is too much to bear? Keeping your air conditioning on is an indicator that you are not getting enough ventilation in your home. Your windows might be the reason why you are consuming too much electricity. They are too old and over-utilized and not keeping your house cool.
  • Your windows are already leaking and have decaying frames. Leakage is a noticeable sign that your windows already need replacing. Windows leak because there are cracks and decay in the structures. It is essential to change them at once to avoid any accidents from happening.
  • Your windows were damaged due to a massive storm. After a storm, your home might still be standing, but your windows may be broken. If you notice anything broken or cracked, it is time you change your windows.
  • Your house requires a makeover. The windows are one of the most noticeable features in your house. Therefore, they must look new and be inviting. If your windows appear run-down, your house will look worn out as well. Replacing your windows can make all the difference.


One of the most common reasons why homeowners do not replace their windows is because of the cost. They might think it is expensive. However, the price of replacing your windows is a good investment. It helps you save on additional costs to repair your interiors and replace your ruined furniture because of leaking and damaged windows. If you notice some of the signs listed above, you may want to check with Scelta Windows to help you find the best fit for your interior.

Joe Minardi

I am the owner and founder of Scelta Windows-based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have over 20 plus years of experience, specifically in the residential remodeling and replacement window sales and installation. I launched Scelta Windows to provide choices to customers, along with a commitment to superb customer service. Many Oklahoma residents may remember me from my days co-hosting a home improvement show on KRMG Radio, with Denver Fox. For over 10 years, I enjoyed providing tips to listeners. I have also been featured on many national and local publications and websites with articles and tips related to home improvement and windows.

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