Keep Your Home Protected From Major Storms With These Services


Protect Home From Major Storms 2

If you live in areas prone to storms, then protecting your home is essential to withstand the harsh stormy conditions. For those living in the Atlantic coastal area, being prepared for the hurricane season is critical. Hurricane season is from the 1st of June to the 30th of November each year, according to the NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division. This season comes with intense storms that cause a lot of damage to people’s homes. To prepare your home for potential disaster during the hurricane season, fortify your home by implementing the following services:

1. Siding Installation Services

Your wall is the place to start when protecting your home from storms. Consider reinforcing them with siding to make them more storm resistant. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, wind speeds could be as fast as 110mph. This wind can rip off poorly installed or low-quality sidings. However, having vinyl siding is preferred as it’s easier to re-install should the storm rip it off. Other sidings are more challenging to re-install. FEMA also recommends Vinyl siding for its ability to withstand extreme conditions. Vinyl siding offers great protection against storms, especially with a strong roof.

2. Durable Roofing Services

A good, strong roof is a good investment in areas prone to severe storms. A steady roof guarantees safety against harsh winds. When choosing a new roof to install, consider its durability and longevity. According to Herbert Roofing, 88% of homeowners cite durability as the leading consideration when purchasing a new roof, closely followed by longevity at 83%. Some reputable roofing companies offer top-notch roofing solutions that are made specifically to withstand harsh weather conditions.

When getting a roof, ensure the installation is done right. The risk of having a poor-quality roof ripped off by strong winds is real. While the strongest roofs could be pricier than the regular roofing solutions, they can withstand extreme weather to protect your home better. The goal is to ensure you get the right roof for your house. There’s nothing like the peace one has when they know their loved ones are protected, even during the fiercest storm.

Protect Home From Major Storms 1

3. Windows Reinforcement Services

Windows protects your home against storms. Install impact-resistant windows in your home as they can resist high winds, protecting you and your family from flying debris during a storm. These windows have an added firmly-knit layer that significantly reduces the risk of breakage and damage during a storm. Ensure the windows have openings, no matter how small they may seem. In the event of a storm, the shaking will cause the opening to enlarge, exposing your home to more risks from the strong winds.

4. Landscaping Services

During a storm, the beautiful vegetation and trees growing around your home can become dangerous. Once a storm overpowers a tree, it’ll likely bend or break. It can fall on your house and cause more damage, especially if it’s a huge tree. Always ensure that if there are trees in the compound, keep them short are at a short distance from the house. Alternatively, you can hire a tree removal company to remove trees too close to your house or dangerously leaning towards it. This will minimize the risk of damage to the house from falling trees.

You can significantly reduce the potential damage by a storm on your home. A durable roof, impact-resistant windows, wind-resistant sidings, and managing the surrounding vegetation around your home will give you peace of mind, even during the strongest storm. While you may not have control over the seasonal storms in your area, taking preventive measures to mitigate them as early as now is wise. Be on the lookout for storm alerts and prepare for the worst even when it doesn’t happen. Lastly, take simple measures, such as ensuring the windows are tightly shut during a storm, as a tiny opening in the most durable window could expose your home and loved ones to grievous risks.

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