Keep Up with the Times: 7 Trends in Interior Design Styles You Should Embrace


Interior Design Styles

Are you looking to change the interior design styles in your home? Are you bored or tired of interior design trends that are so last year? Well, buckle up because we’ve got a guide for you.

Changing the interior design of your home isn’t easy or cheap. However, we understand that people need a change of environment too.

Most people do it when big changes are happening in their house. They may be having a new baby or getting a job promotion. Sometimes, the best way to feel like you’re turning a new leaf is to change the general interior design of your home.

Below, we’ve got a list of 7 interior decor trends that you need to embrace.

1. Sustainable Decor

Organizations and companies are going green all around the world. This is because many millennials are committing to Sustainable Deployment Goals (SDGs). This includes movements to combat climate change.
Thus, they’re choosing interior design styles that are sustainable. These include “up-cycled”, recycled, and reused materials. It can include anything like ladders reused as plant displays.

Sustainability also often maximizes the use of natural light and airflow. It’s often designed with energy-efficiency as one of the main goals. Low environmental impact and waste reduction are other goals of sustainable interior décor.
Sustainable Decor
Materials used in interior decoration need easy maintenance, longevity, and flexibility. A popular example is “green” home automation gadgets. These gadgets control heating and lighting systems for better energy efficiency.

2. Maximalism

For years, minimalist décor was a popular trend in interior decorating. However, as trends are wont to do, it’s time for it to go. As a direct response to it, maximalism was then created.

Where minimalistic décor used sterile uniformity and clean edges, maximalism goes the other way. It uses organic shapes and bolder colors. It showcases the homeowner’s personality and infuses it into their space.

It brings in bright colors and graphic patterns. Maximalist homeowners create entire gallery walls or add dramatic furniture. It doesn’t even matter that the style is constant.

The year 2019 is leaving behind “less is more”. Buy the items that speak to you and don’t be afraid if they’ll match your interior. Of course, make sure your interior still has a tasteful touch to it.

3. Bringing Back the Boho Interior Design Styles

Do you feel that you’d been born a little too late? Do you sometimes feel that you’re a hippie inside? Well, for your hippie soul, here’s an interior design trend that you’ll love.

Feel free to create a bohemian ambiance in the home. Give your space fun textured layers and prints. Add bright fabrics to give it life and a sense of the boho culture.
Bringing Back the Boho Interior Design Styles
Create a space that looks laid back, relaxed, and unusual. Place plants in the space to give your home a livelier impression. The modern bohemian look can also gain uniformity through mixed genres.
The 2019 bohemian interior trend comes with a modern twist. It takes up a bit of vintage-modern styles and curved lines. The fabrics come cleaner and brighter with this often-reappearing design trend.

4. Become Brilliant With Black

If the ‘50s had colorful kitchens, 2019 is bringing in black ones. Black kitchens are becoming more popular. They give an impression of sleekness and richness.

Sleek and black is also the epitome of modernity. Start considering black cabinets if you haven’t yet. While black fridges aren’t all that new, now you can match the sleek look with the rest of the kitchen.

Black bathrooms are also back in trend. Give your toilet a nice spa-inspired feel with black walls and sinks. You can also bring the trend to your bedroom or living room.

5. Cozy, Curvy Couches

One of the newest home trends is to bring new shapes to sofas. No longer are they boxy with straight edges. Now, we’re looking at curved couches with smooth edges.

Couches are key features in any living room. It’s where the family sits back to relax or watch TV. Whenever you have guests, it’s where you invite them to sit.

Curves help in manipulating your perception of spatial awareness. This means that they make it seem like there’s more space in the room. When you use curves, your home interior can feel larger than it is.

This design trend takes inspiration from the 80s and 70s. We’re also expecting it to become a commercial interior design trend this year.

6. A Blend of Masculine and Feminine Designs

The steady rise of political issues like LGBTQ+ awareness is also affecting home décor trends. Now, people are dropping the macho vs. girly themes. Instead, they are combining them in tasteful color palettes and textures.

Unleash your creativity without having to worry about gendered rooms. Feel free to use feminine tones on your walls. Add touches of warm colors or neutrals to tie a room together.
A Blend of Masculine and Feminine Designs
Balance it out by using masculine elements. Masculine materials include leather, stainless steel, and wrought iron. Reclaimed wood and rough stone are natural materials that represent a masculine touch.

The key is balance and harmony between the two genders. When you find the perfect mix, share it on Instagram like an influencer. You can check out this fun guide on how to decorate like an influencer.

7. Nature-Filled Interiors

One of the interior design trends that resonate with sustainability is this. More people are embracing nature and nature-themed items. By going au naturel, emphasizing the relationship between humankind and nature.

This trend has similar strands with a sustainable interior design trend. However, this one is more heavy-handed with natural materials. In a way, it brings the outside in.

Organic materials like wood floors, stone, and daylight fill your space. Plantlife is often found in the interior, intermingling with the home’s technological devices. If you’re all about handiwork and crafted materials, go for this trend.

Decorate and Get in Style

Don’t let your interiors bore you! Follow these 7 trending interior design styles to spice up your home or office!

Trends are always changing and some come back years later, modified in some way. Whether you’re into a trend, know that what you like is what you should follow. If you feel that it isn’t time to change your interior yet, then wait.

Soon, another set of trends will follow. You may even find one that resonates more with you. Make sure to check out more of our guides to keep up with the latest trends today!

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