Keep It on Lock: 7 Important Things to Do to Protect Your Home

Burglary is the third most common crime in the U.S., behind property crime and larceny-theft. Without thorough security systems in place, your home might become a target as well.

Don’t leave it up to chance! Instead, use these home security ideas so you can settle in safely each night. With these seven tips, you can secure and protect your home from would-be burglars.

Step up your home security with these seven simple tips! Also similar to the home security your computer security is very important. Now a days we have all over important information in the computers or tablets. So you also need to protect them to combat malware.

Then, you can go to bed each night with the peace of mind that your family is safe.

1. Secure Your Doors & Windows

Don’t make it easy for a burglar to stroll right inside. The first step to secure and protect your home is to check the doors.

First, inspect your exterior doors. Make sure the door frames are strong. You want to ensure the hinges are protected as well.
Secure Your Doors & Windows

Otherwise, a burglar might try to break in by removing the hinges.

If your door has a mail slot or doggie door, make sure it’s not possible for someone to reach through disable the lock.

When moving into a residence that was previously someone else’s home, make sure to change the locks. That way, the previous occupants can’t use their old keys to get inside.

While you’re updating your doors, you can also:

  • Install a deadbolt
  • Add a strike plate
  • Upgrade to smart locks
  • Add a video doorbell

Windows are another common entry point for thieves. Sometimes, the manufacturer latches are flimsy, rather than effective. Protect your home by adding locks or key-operated levers to your windows.

You can also:

  • Install window bars
  • Add a window or glass-break sensors
  • Reinforce the glass with window security film
  • Plant prickly bushes underneath your windows
  • These home security ideas will help keep burglars at bay.

2. Add Security Cameras

In 2016, 278,000 break-ins occurred at night. Meanwhile, 486,006 occurred in daylight. $2,361 was stolen on average.
Whether it’s night or day, you want the peace of mind that your home is secure.

Catch your would-be thieves on camera! Security cameras can either act as a deterrent to burglars or help you seek justice.

Consider getting a security camera system with a mobile app. Then, you can see the footage in real-time, check your home from work, or use the footage when you go to the police.

Look for cameras that include:

  • Wi-Fi capability
  • Night vision
  • Two-way talk
  • Local or cloud storage
  • Weatherproof casing
  • Motion detection

Now you can check on your home whether you’re at work or away on vacation.

3. Light It Up

A bright, illuminated home can also deter criminals. After all, it’s not likely they want to step into the spotlight.

Keep your home bright with ample outdoor lighting. Make sure to include lights around your front and backyards, pathways, and near the garage. If you have storage or a shed in your backyard, light that up, too!
Light It Up
You can also add:

  • Motion-activated lights
  • Solar-powered lights
  • Outdoor lights that operate on a timer

Adding lights to your home will deter intruders (and help you make it to the door safely).

4. Go to the Garage

Many people store endless valuables in their garages, then neglect to secure the area. If you want to protect your home and your possessions, you need to secure your garage. After all, your garage is another access point to your home.
First, make sure to maintain a habit of locking all doors to the garage. That includes the interior as well as exterior doorways.

Next, consider bringing your garage door opener into the house when you arrive home.

That way, a burglar can’t steal into your car and take the garage door opener to get inside. If your garage uses a security code, make sure to keep the code a secret. Never open the garage door using the code in front of a delivery person, neighbor, or stranger.

You can also upgrade your garage and protect your home by:

  • Securing your garage doors with extra locks
  • Upgrading to a smart garage door opener
  • Covering windows to hide what’s inside
  • Using home automation software

When you secure your garage, you’re securing your home as well.

5. Set Up a Security System

For many people, a security system is a go-to solution for at-home security. You can either use a basic DIY system or a system that offers professional monitoring and home automation. As technology advances, there are more options available to suit your budget and desired level of protection.

First, evaluate what you need, based on your home and neighborhood. You can also contact your local police department to learn about the crime stats in your area. Then, complete a home security evaluation of your home to determine possible risks.

As you research different systems, keep up-front and monthly costs in mind. You want a system that fits your budget.
You should also compare systems based on brand reputation and customer service. Some systems also offer extras like carbon monoxide monitoring.

You can also this insurance estimating software if you ever need to make a claim after a break-in.

6. Lock Down the Wi-Fi

Your home isn’t only at risk of burglars, but hackers as well. Your home wireless network can allow hackers access to your financial and personal information. If you’re using home automation, you can also leave your home vulnerable without proper security.

First, secure your wireless router. Make sure you’re using WPA or WPA2 encryption. Then, use a firewall checker and hide your home network.

Make sure you’re using strong passwords on all of your accounts.

Then, install antivirus and anti-malware protection to protect your home and personal information.

7. Get a Safe

Get a Safe
To further protect your valuables, consider getting a safe. An in-house safe can help you secure jewelry, vital documents, and other valuables from potential burglars.

Make sure to find a safe that’s too heavy to walk away with. You’ll also want one that’s fire-resistant and waterproof, in case of an accident.

Lock It Up: 7 Tips to Secure & Protect Your Home

Don’t leave your home vulnerable. Instead, secure and protect your home with these seven home security tips!

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