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If you live in the country, it’s likely that geese are a major nuisance to your property. They can cause serious damage when they roam freely around lawns and gardens looking for food. Geese droppings can also become very smelly and messy once they start to accumulate over time. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can prevent these pests from coming onto your property in the first place!

Use a motion-activated sprinkler to scare geese away

A motion-activated sprinkler is an excellent way to scare away geese without harming them. When they come into the vicinity of your lawn, a sudden burst of water will surprise them and send them running in search of another place for food!

You can also use noise deterrents such as radios playing loud music or barking dogs. However, these techniques may not be effective if you have different types of birds coming onto your property – which tends to happen with both crows and geese! For this reason, it’s often best to combine multiple methods when trying to get rid of bird pests.

Don’t forget that there are other ways you can control goose populations around lakes, ponds, rivers, and marshes too. This includes using decoys, fake coyote scents, and a range of other deterrents.

Put up an electric fence around your property

If you have a large area where geese typically roam, consider installing an electric fence. Next time when you ask yourself how to scare geese away this would be one of the most effective ways to keep them away from your lawn and will also protect nearby crops or other plants that they might damage by eating their leaves!

When using this method it’s important to make sure that there are no gaps in the fencing – especially if you plant shrubs around your property. Geese can fit through surprisingly small spaces when trying to enter a garden so make sure your barrier is secure!

As long as these methods are used correctly, they should help prevent nuisance birds from harming your home and gardens while keeping weeds at bay too. Birds may be cute but they’re certainly not welcome on every property!

Install a guard dog

If you have a dog yourself, then this could be an excellent way to prevent geese from being able to access your garden. Many breeds of dogs will chase away any birds that they see and even scare them into flight with loud barking noises! This method can also work in much the same way as using motion-activated sprinklers because it’s likely that the goose will hear or see your pooch coming so runs off before he gets too close. 

The only downside is if you don’t have a large enough area for your pet to play around safely – particularly when combined with an electric fence which tends to keep animals trapped within its perimeter!

Get a guard goose

They’re vicious and will attack any intruders that come onto their territory! If you have a large garden that is frequented by geese, it might be worth purchasing one of these to place on guard.

Just like with dogs, they can scare off other birds (and some small mammals too) using loud noises and aggressive movements – often chasing them away for good! You will need to make sure that your pet isn’t harmed in the process though so this method may not work well if you’re concerned about his safety.

It’s important to remember that both methods above are only effective against smaller bird pests such as crows or seagulls. Geese tend to be much larger than most flying creatures which means they won’t always get chased away by either pets or more sensitive birds!

Geese don’t like loud noises

Make lots of noise when they approach to keep them away from your home or yard. This can be as simple as walking around with a radio or yelling to scare them off. You could also make a fake predator, such as a life-sized owl decoration, and place it near your property so that the geese will flee out of fear for their safety. If you have small children or pets on your property, do not use this method because they may try to attack the “predator” and get injured! Instead, throw some rocks at them until they leave. 

To ensure that they don’t return, spray water from the hose towards the geese while making loud noises before eventually making them leave permanently by using other methods described above.

Use scarecrows, fake owls, or balloons to deter geese

You can find these items at a garden or home improvement store. You could also use wind chimes, which you might have around the house already. By hanging them near an area where geese are frequently seen, they will become scared and flee from your yard so that they won’t return again!

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Don’t feed geese

They will stay around for food and won’t leave on their own accord. The more you feed them, the more accustomed to humans they will become. They might also nest near your home and lay their eggs there so that their young can grow up nearby as well.

By feeding them, you are also encouraging them to return even if they have been kicked out of your yard or property. If this happens, do not feed them anymore and make sure that the geese leave permanently before using another method mentioned above!

Clean up any messes made by animals around ponds regularly

Geese like to make messes in ponds and other bodies of water, so you will need to clean up their droppings frequently. This makes the area less desirable for them because they don’t want to be around any potential health hazards! The mess can also attract other pests such as mice, mosquitos, and flies which could prove to be equally dangerous too. Keep your property clean so that geese can’t find any food or nesting materials near your home!

This is not an exhaustive list of ways to keep geese away from your property, but it’s a good place to start! These are all scare tactics that will keep geese away from your property. They can be used to prevent them from coming near your home or even entering a certain area of land. You could also use these items as decorations for Halloween! Keep your property well-maintained by using the tips mentioned above. If all else fails, use an animal repellent spray or call a professional service that can handle geese removal on your behalf when necessary.

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