Is Water Damage Restoration Expensive?

If there are signs of flood damage in the home it will be very tempting to resolve by simply mopping and cleaning the floors. But this process will not be easy as this requires professional interference. But many people fear the cost that may occur for austin water damage restoration.

Factors that may Affect cost of Water Damage Restoration:

The cost of austin water damage restoration may vary depending on many factors. Basing these factors only one might arrive at an estimate of cost for restoring any flood water damages.

List of factors include:

  • Size of the area that got affected

The cost of water damage restoration varies from $4 to $10 per square foot. So larger the area of damage larger will be the cost required to clean the house and the damaged area.

  •   Materials that are involved in the restoration

The materials and equipment required for restoring the damage depend on the type of floor. For hardwood floors, different types of materials will be used whereas for carpet different types of materials are used.

Water Damage1

  • Type of water damage

The damage done by the flood varies and there are basically three types of classification for the same depending on the type of water involved.

  • Greywater: This type of water is slightly harmful to the floor and will cause illness as well. This water includes water from washing machines and dishwashers. This may cost more when compared to clean water that is from $6 to $8 per square foot.
  • Blackwater: This water is the result of built-up sewage water or flood water and this is the most dangerous category of water damage. This scenario cannot be rectified manually as this is very harmful and need professional interference. The cost for austin water damage restoration will be more.
  • The extent of the damage

If the damage is done at a minor level that is in a small area the cost required to remove the water from that area will be less.

But when the damage is because of a huge flood on the ground level of the home itself it might be more expensive as there will be mold and the risk to health because of this will also be more.

  • Replacement cost that is required for the damages

The flood water will deteriorate everything that comes into contact with it and hence those items should be repaired or replaced now or later. So for replacing those items the cost varies with the value of the item that needs replacement.

Water Damage3


When people notice water on the basement floor or foul smell from downstairs or mold growth then those should be considered as signs and necessary steps are to be followed to restore the damage done by water.

Even though the cost of austin water damage restoration will be more but it will be less expensive than leaving the situation to become worse.

In a few cases, if people have home insurance, that will cover the majority of the cost as floods in the home are unexpected.

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