Is There a Cheaper Alternative to Epoxy Resin?

The epoxy resin may be expensive in comparison to other products, but it has many benefits. SquidPoxy knows that many people always look for cheaper alternatives to epoxy resin. If you are planning to purchase SquidPoxy Resin, but wonder if there is a cheaper alternative, go through this article before deciding.

Epoxy resin is used for a variety of purposes. It is created when two components that are matched to each other are mixed. Once the components are matched together, the resin converts from liquid to a curated or solid state. Epoxy resin is known for its adhesive quality, and hence, is used in many industries. It has great resistance to heat and chemical applications, making it ideal for any product that needs support under pressure.  

Why Is Epoxy Resin So Expensive?

It is more expensive to produce epoxy resin than other resins. The raw materials needed to manufacture epoxy resin are costlier than those required to make other resins. The process and production are also complex. Besides this, most epoxy resins have to go through a level of regulation to make sure they are FDA compliant and food safe. This adds to the high cost as well. So while it is expensive, there are multiple uses of epoxy resin. 

Uses of Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin has many benefits and uses because of its strong properties. Some of the uses of epoxy resin are: 


Epoxy resin is well-known for its adhesive properties. Hence, it is used in the construction of vehicles, aircraft, snowboards, and bicycles. Not just these, it is used in a range of other applications as well because of its versatile nature. 

Electronics and Electrical Systems 

It is used in the production of motors, insulators, transformers, and generators. Epoxy resin is a great insulator and protects from moisture, dust, and short circuits. As a result, it is also one of the main resins used in circuit creation. 


While epoxy resin is normally found in commercial uses, it can also be used on appliances. Commonly known as powder coat, epoxy resin is used to paint many household goods like washers, dryers, stoves, and similar appliances. Similarly, it can also be used on cast iron, cast steel, and cast aluminum.

Coating and as a Sealant

Epoxy is also known for its corrosion prevention properties. Hence it is used to protect household objects that rust with time, like paint cans, acidic foods, and metal containers. It is also commonly used in decorative flooring. Some types of flooring where epoxy resin is used include terrazzo flooring, chip flooring, and other types of aggregate flooring. Epoxy flooring reduces the use of pesticides and water, and hence, it is getting more and more common as it is a more environmentally friendly option than traditional flooring. 


Due to its properties as a strong adhesive, many people use epoxy resin to repair and maintain household items like glass, chinaware, and ceramic. It creates a thin and tightly formed barrier that secures and holds things in place for years. Most of the time, using epoxy resin to fix these items can make them look new. Similarly, epoxy resin is also used on other materials like latex, wood, metal, and other synthetic materials.  

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Is There A Good Substitute For Epoxy Resin?

Typically, latex is used as the cheapest casting resin. But it cannot be considered a substitute for epoxy. Some people use blended polyester resin as an alternative to epoxy resin. This material is similar to that of Bondo material which is used to repair car bodies. You can purchase this material in any hardware store.  

Usually, hard plaster or concrete can be used as casting materials instead of epoxy resin. They are cheaper and can be used on larger pieces as well. Other materials that can be used instead of epoxy resin, depending on the purpose, include:

  • Slush Latex
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Plaster, Alabaster, and Concrete 

All of the above substitutes are similar to resin and the process to cast them is also similar.

Although epoxy resin may be a little expensive compared to other products, it has many uses and benefits. Whether you need it for your household use or large-scale use, epoxy resin is an instrumental material. If you are looking for good quality epoxy resin, contact SquidPoxy. We are a leading manufacturer of epoxy resin that provides clear casting and art resin to many industries. 

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