Is Spring The Best Time To Get Ahead On Your Garden



With springtime just around the corner, it makes sense that we want to get outside more. The winter is mercifully ending, and now we can enjoy those longer days, brighter evenings, and better weather. However, while it can be nice to get outside and do more than we could over the winter, another important factor is your garden.

Many of us wait until the summertime to start digging into and improving the garden. Some will begin mild spring cleaning, tidying up the debris left behind from winter’s coldness. However, if you are interested in some gardening tips, one piece of advice that has become commonplace in recent years is to use the spring to get ahead of the groundwork for your garden.

With the winter now passed, we often find that our gardens need a fair amount of TLC. Usually, though, we hold off getting started until the summertime months. The earliest many begin cultivating their garden is from late April to early May; we recommend starting in late March to early April. Why?

For one, starting on your garden early allows you to lay the foundations for what is to come. Too often, we find that our summertime gardens only look how we want as we move into the end of summer and into the start of autumn. This gives us precious few weeks to enjoy the serenity and beauty of our garden before winter comes along.

By starting a little earlier, you make sure you enjoy your garden a lot more. This results in a higher quality look and feel and ensures your garden looks better sooner. You no longer need to wait for things to bloom in the summertime, as you have already done the preparation work and the landscaping foundations. Then, when the best weather comes in May and beyond, your garden is primed and ready to be finished.

Never Underestimate The Work Required For Your Garden

We often look at our garden and assume that, with a few hours per night of work, we could have it looking just as we had always wanted. As you have undoubtedly found out, running out of time when managing your garden is ridiculously easy. By starting those few weeks earlier, you can get the groundwork laid and ensure your garden is primed to succeed.

Sure, starting working in late March to early April might mean needing an extra layer or working in a little darkness. It might even mean having to work in the rain occasionally. However, you can use these extra weeks to do the boring but important landscaping tasks. Things like laying the foundations for flowerbeds, cutting your grass, keeping on top of your furniture, etc., are something that you can do now to save you time down the line.

Then, when summer arrives in earnest, your garden is ready to be personalized and improved as you had wanted. Instead of waiting until the sun really splits the sky, starting now with the important foundations can ensure that your summertime landscaping is more fun than it is toil. This results in better results and more weeks spent enjoying your garden in the sunshine!

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