Is Spanish Hard to Learn for English Speakers?


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In this world of several challenges, you need to know more than one language at least. Mother language is not enough. It can be Spanish or any language. But is Spanish hard to learn for English speakers? The answer is no because everything becomes hard if the perspective is wrong. Nothing is impossible if you try to learn by enrolling in a Spanish learning language program.

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About English and Spanish:

English is an international language which is a must if you want to achieve success. But spanish is not less also. Spanish is a language of romance of the indo european language family that evolved from colloquial spoken latin in the peninsula of europe. As a Romance language with roots in Latin, Spanish is now spoken by millions across the globe. Learning it with online Spanish classes opens up a world of possibilities. Picture yourself chatting with locals in Spain, making friends in Argentina, or even getting a job in the US. Knowing Spanish isn’t just about the language; it’s about connecting with different cultures, expanding your career choices, and having more fun experiences. And here, english is also an indo european language in the west germanic language group, which is idly considered to be the lingua franca of the world. 

Similarities Between English and Spanish:

If you are about to learn the Spanish language and if you are an English speaker then you need to know some similarities. Because after knowing these you will know later how helpful this method is! Some similarities are-

Construction, pluralization, similar syntax, capitalization or punctuation, both have thousands of cognates, and no need to learn an entirely new set of symbols and sounds is always a relief. 

Besides, we can see that 30% to 40% of all words in English have a related word in spanish. Both languages have similarities like appearances and meaning, similar sound. Overall these cognates help students transfer that word knowledge into their second language. 

All of these similarities can be very helpful for you if you are an English speaker and want to learn spanish. Mainly you need dedication. A man with 100% dedication can do anything, can reach any goal and makes everything possible even if no one couldn’t do that. These similarities make some things easier but mainly you are the one who is going to learn so if you are lazy and can not be dedicated to learn anything, then it will be impossible for you. 

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How Many Hours It Takes to Learn Spanish Language for English Speakers?

Mainly it takes 600 hours to learn the Spanish language if you are an english speaker already. According to the foreign service institute, they state that Spanish, as a latin language, falls into the easy category when french, italian or english is connected.  Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers, and if you have the proper dedication of learning the Spanish language, then 575 to 600 class hours will be needed. It is quite a long time, in case you are doing the math at home, that means you would need to work for a little over 10 hours a week. This will take an entire year to achieve Spanish fluency. 

According to an FSI study, they suggest an approximate 1:1 ratio between time spend in the classroom and studying independently. It is very important but unfortunately most people miss this part. It is very effective, you will get to know about its effects only when you will use this method for learning the spanish language. 

Tips to Learn Spanish Fast:

Some of the tips that can help you learn spanish are-

Immense yourself, make learning fun, practice listening, read Spanish articles, you can change your phone setting into spanish, make your own vocabulary lists, form a new habit of speaking in spanish daily, find a language buddy with whom you can speak spanish always, and last but not the least try spanish shadowing. 

All of the tips can be very helpful only when you will try. Trying for the thing you want to learn can never be a waste. Practice more and see the achievement! 


Now you all know how to learn the Spanish language if you are an English speaker. Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn for an English speaker. Both languages have several similarities which makes it easier. Besides, Amazing Talker is always ready and here for you if you want to learn any new language. They teach 46 different languages. The online spanish tutor are well trained, skilled, and experienced. You can get your preferred ranged courses from there and by chance if you do not like any tutor then you can switch to your preferable tutor with no extra money. So, learning spanish with Amazing Talker can be the best option for you, try this once and you will notice the changes in yourself that show you are a fluent speaker in spanish. Practice more, try harder, and then see the best transition for yourself!

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