Is it Time to Downsize: Signs You Are Ready to Shift to a Tiny Home

Going tiny is a movement that is sweeping across many countries. You’ve probably talked about tiny house movement with colleagues or friends. You might have even watched something that relates to it on the news. The internet is also awash with information on this movement. You might also be considering the idea of moving to a tiny home. But, is it the right time to downsize?

Moving to a tiny house is a great way to get organized. That’s because you have to downsize your personal belongings. This comes with the advantage of simplifying life.

However, making this major change is not easy. Experienced tiny house builders share the following signs to tell you that you’re ready to shift to a small home.

You Desire to Save Money

A major motivator to downsize to a small house is the financial savings that come with the move. You might be paying around $290,000 for your current house. This is not even inclusive of utility and maintenance costs. Even renting a large house means spending a significant percentage of income on your current home. When you include water, sewage, electricity, and other necessities, you might realize that financial stress is always piling up.
You Desire to Save Money

Building a tiny house will cost you around $23,000. This is less than half the down payment amount for a traditional home. What’s more, a tiny home will require you to use fewer resources. For instance, you can spend between $30 and $50 per month on electricity, sewage, and water combined.

And, because a tiny house requires smaller appliances, you will save more when it comes to furnishing it. You can even talk to professional tiny house builders to have your home customized to help you save more money.

You Are Environmentally Conscious

Financial savings are not the only reason to consider shifting to a tiny house. This move can also benefit the environment. To build a traditional home, you have to log trucks of building materials. But, constructing a tiny house requires just half a truck.

What’s more, a small house uses less energy. Think about the number of light bulbs you have installed in your traditional home. A tiny house requires about 6 bulbs only. You can also harness the sun’s energy if you live in a sunny area.

Additionally, shifting to a tiny house will reduce CO2 emissions drastically. If your current traditional home uses around 28,000 CO2 pounds a year, a tiny home will need around 2,000 pounds only.

You Love Traveling

Wanderlust is a sign that you should shift to a tiny house. A tiny home is a great option for anybody that loves traveling and seeing the world. A typical tiny house measures 100 to 300 square feet. This size makes mounting it on a trailer easy. You can easily pull the house anywhere and enjoy the freedom of spending time anywhere you desire.

For instance, if winters are cold where you live, you can go south at this time with your tiny house. If you want to enjoy the views of snow during Christmas, you can also move with the small house.

You Desire a Minimal Life

A large house can be a source of stress. That’s because you need more time, money, and effort to maintain it. From repairs and cleaning to tracking stuff, your responsibilities and costs increase when you move to a large house. The desire for a simple life is a sign you are ready to shift to a tiny house.
You Desire a Minimal Life
Living in a tiny house requires you to have your necessities only. Cleaning your living space will take minutes. Replacements will cost you a lesser amount. Thus, when you downsize to a tiny house, you clear unnecessary excesses of your mind.

You Want to Belong

Knowing your neighbors is getting harder in the current society. That’s because most people living in large houses have busy lives. What’s more, they do almost everything inside their house. That means they don’t have time to mingle with their neighbors.

But, tiny homes have community garden spaces. These enable community members to gather and interact.

Shifting to a tiny house can present a chance for you to build relationships with neighbors. The tiny home movement is basically about greater acceptance.

Whether you’re single or a retired couple that wants to enjoy the freedom of moving as the weather changes, shifting to a tiny house can come with numerous benefits. Simply talk to professional tiny house builders to discuss the specific needs of the home you want to construct.

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