Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right for You?


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Many people around the world are not happy with their smiles; if you are among these people, then consider cosmetic dentistry. It is a procedure that will improve your teeth, essentially improving your smile and confidence when interacting with other people. The procedure could be simple teeth whitening to a whole makeover on your existing teeth; it all depends on what you want and the current situation of your teeth.

But the big question we need to answer, is cosmetic dentistry right for you?

Why is the procedure necessary?

The procedure has a list of different dentistry procedures that can be carried out, and each can offer its advantage. The most common advantage is a boost in confidence level. But it is not limited to this as it can make one look younger and fresh, and could also prevent future dental damage.

Several reasons have lead individuals to get cosmetic dentistry, some of these being a chipped tooth, having gaps between your teeth, stained teeth no longer looking sparkling and white, misalignment, and many more. And each situation has its own procedures to be carried out to achieve the desired outcome.

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  • Getting dental veneers

If you have a cracked or chipped tooth, this is always a good go-to option. These have been designed to be thin shells that can fit perfectly over your teeth, this way to easily hides any imperfections that exist.

  • Some whitening treatment

If you have stained teeth due to drinking too much coffee and wine, smoking, or various other reasons, a whitening treatment can be an option to remedy this. There various over the counter kits that have been made available, however, this might not work on all stains. But for an in-office whitening treatment, it uses a much stronger bleaching solution. The dentist might also use a light to speed up the whitening process.

  • Reshaping or bonding your teeth

Another procedure that can be used for chipped or misshapen teeth. Reshaping and bonding will be done on the tooth to give it that perfect finish to complement your smile. It is thanks to the tooth coloured raisin that will be painted on the undesirable areas, a non-invasive procedure that is perfect for those minor cases.

  • Dentures are also another option.

Dentures and dental implants have been related to older people with loose teeth, but this is also another cosmetic procedure that could be recommended to you depending on your needs. Tooth loss can happen at any age, thus, making this a go-to option to remedy that problem. A cheaper option if you are looking for the perfect way to replace a lost tooth and restore that confidence in your smile.

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  • Bridges

Other than dentures, you could also look into bridges if you have lost a tooth. This procedure bridges the gap between the lost tooth, and then a crown is placed on either side of the existing gap. The crowns will work as anchor teeth for the false teeth that will be placed between.

What procedure should I go for?

To get the perfect procedure, it is best to book an appointment with your dentist and discuss this over with them. Your dentist will be able to identify the perfect options to consider for your unique needs. With this, you are also able to tackle various factors like cost, your teeth condition and the aftercare maintenance for the procedure you decide on. And to get that perfect smile ensure you get the right dentist for the job, therefore, do some extensive research on the dentist before booking an appointment.

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