Is A Bathroom Remodel Worth It?


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A bathroom remodel can create one of the most beautiful spaces in your home. But it can also be both expensive and time-consuming. Having a contractor and work crew in and out of your home for days, or even weeks at a time, is disruptive and stressful. So, is renovating a bathroom really worth the hassle?

Saves Money On Utility Costs

Whether you are gutting the whole thing, or replacing what’s needed, a bathroom remodeling is the perfect time to think about how efficient the features you are using truly are. Anything that consumes water or electricity in the bathroom has a product with efficiency in mind on the market. You can save on electricity costs by using LED light bulbs and installing a dimmer switch. When faucets leak from wear and tear, look for eco-friendly models that aim to conserve water while maintaining high standards of performance. No-touch faucets will guarantee no one carelessly leaves water running, as well. Low flush toilets are also a great option for minimizing water usage. In time, you will see a reduction in your utility costs.

Creates A Peaceful Place For Escape

Life is stressful and hectic. Having a place to unwind is important for everyone. Since the bathroom is a place where we can expect a certain amount of privacy, why not make it your peaceful space of solitude, as well? Muted, cool colors create a calming effect in the brain. Certain smells, such as lavender, chamomile, and rose, reduce anxiety. Think about times in your life you have felt most at ease and try to bring that same essence into your bathroom’s ambiance. With a simple remodel, you can provide yourself with a little TLC and your own personal escape.

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Opportunity To Make Better Use Of The Space

Builders design bathrooms with function in mind, not efficiency. This results in wasted space and no personalization. Since everyone’s individual needs are different, a builder-grade bathroom tends to be poorly designed, leading to cluttered countertops and disorganized cabinets. Redesigning your bathroom gives you freedom to use the space as uniquely as you are. You can add shelves, change cabinetry, add or remove drawers, and install a laundry hamper. A properly designed space can even feel larger once you have removed the clutter. 

Add Personalized Touches

Have you ever visited a friend or family member and sat in awe of a space they redesigned? The reason behind this is that you can see their fingerprint in what used to be ordinary. Anytime you plan a remodel, you get to call the shots. By the time you finish, you are guaranteed that no one will have a bathroom quite like yours. These personalized touches don’t stop with aesthetics, either. Since bathrooms hold a lot of moisture, you may be concerned about slip hazards. Safety upgrades such as anti-slip floors and handrails can give you peace of mind in keeping you and your family safe.

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Increases Your Home’s Resale Value

The decision to renovate a bathroom should be made based on your needs and what you want to get out of the finished product. However, you could reap an added benefit from your remodel. By upgrading things like your toilet, flooring, fixtures, vanity, and bathtub, you could increase the resale value of your home. Prospective buyers will see these as items checked off of their to-do list and they will be willing to pay for that convenience. 

Some Important Considerations For Bathroom Remodels

The #1 pressing question is: “How much will this cost me?” While this is hard to answer without any specifics, a small bathroom can cost $2,00-$5,000, with tile and plumbing taking up the largest portion of your budget. With bathroom renovations in Saskatoon, you can get a quick and easy quote to help you make a plan. With the proper equipment, knowledge, and experience, there are some aspects of a renovation you may be able to DIY. But beyond painting and replacing certain fixtures, major projects are better left to trained professionals. Especially if you have any redesign needs, professional contractors can make sure it is carried out according to plan.

Bathroom renovations create a space you can relax in and feel proud of. Even though you can potentially increase the resale value of your home, the decision to remodel should ultimately be made based on how you intend to use the space. A skilled contractor can help you determine which decisions are best for you, so you get the most out of your renovation.

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