5 Interior Design Trends That Turn Off Buyers


Interior Design Trends

If you’ve decided to put up your house or apartment for sale, you should know that the interior design can affect the value of your property. Don’t be misled into thinking that the hot new interior design trends featured on Pinterest.com are going to win over the potential buyers. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with decorating your own home in this way if you like it, but the problem is that if you’re planning to sell it, buyers won’t be able to picture themselves living in your home, because it reflects your personality. They will rather go with a property with a timeless and classic interior, so make sure to avoid some impractical trends that might turn them off. There are many helpful resources on the web that can show you what’s hot and what’s not on the real estate market, but make sure not to fall for these mistakes.

{ 1 } Poor Color Schemes

Summer house with colorful interiorShining In This Colorful Summerhouse Image Via Gravity Home Blog | Photography By Stan Koolen

geometric wall muralPattern-Clashing Brooklyn House Photo by Floto+Warner for New York Design Hunting Via Curbed

Simple geometric wall painting designs Dazzling Geometric Wall & Interior Design Cleo Scheulderman | Image By SF Girl By Bay

Kitchen With Vintage Fridge and Black and White Flooring TilesScandinavian Kitchen With Mixed Patterns & Pastel Colors Image By The Boo & The Boy

While bold and vibrant colors can be an interesting choice, they might leave a bad first impression on potential buyers, especially if the color schemes are not consistent throughout your house. Bright and vibrant colors, an excessive use of gold and silver, and walls boldly painted in black or some other dark hue will turn off buyers the minute they enter your home, and we all know how important the first impression is. In addition, you shouldn’t use a color that is currently trending, such as blush pink that will appeal only to some buyers. The principle “blue is for boys and pink is for girls” is long outdated, but such a color won’t appeal to men or to the majority of women. Instead, you should go with more neutral colors such as beige, white and gray hues, and then use bolder ones to accessorize and accentuate.

{ 2 } Exaggerating with Themed Looks

modern industrial dining roomVtwonen & Design Fair 2015 Photography By Souraya Hassan, Binti Home Blog

contemporary residence home designThe Ibiza Campo house Photography By Youri Claesens for Ibiza Interiors Via Standard Studio

modern turquoise bedroom interior Modern Turquoise Bedroom Interior Photography By Hannah Blackmore

As already mentioned, buyers are looking for homes with a timeless value and classic look, so before decorating your home in an ethnic style, think about whether it will appeal to them. Opting for a specific style can be tricky. Therefore, you should try to be moderate and not too eccentric in order to create a balanced atmosphere. What you should definitely steer clear of is decorating your rooms in different styles. Instead, choose one interior design style that will emphasize the beauty of your home and be consistent.

{ 3 } Bad Flooring Choices

black metal frame windows for bedroom dividerA Renovated Former Schoolhouse In Copenhagen Via Eclectic Trends | Photography By Sisters Agency For Elle Decoration

scandinavia soft look kitchen designWell Planned Lavish Hornsgatan Home Via Fantastic Frank

Despite their modern and minimal look, concrete floors aren’t that appealing to buyers as they are to interior designers. Although these floors are durable and easy to clean, they might not be an attractive option to families with children, since they can be noisy and cold. Additionally, carpets, specifically wall-to-wall ones, aren’t usually what buyers are looking for. Instead, they would rather opt for a property with hardwood floors that have never gone out of style. Buyers don’t want to waste their money or energy on removing a carpet in order to show what’s underneath, so you shouldn’t waste yours on placing it in the first place.

{ 4 } Taking The Open-Floor Plan Too Far

Freestanding Tub in Master Bathroom Hexagonal Marble Tiles in Walnut FloorPrincipals Of The New York Design Firm Studio DB Damian & Britt Zunino Country House in New York Via NY Times

Although the open-floor concept enjoys great popularity in the world of interior design, it seems that some boundaries should still exist – those that separate bathrooms from the rest of the world. A tub in the middle of a bedroom is a huge turnoff for buyers who are looking for everything except that. A bathroom that merges with a bedroom is simply too much, so don’t forget to include classic internal doors and a wall when decorating your bathroom. Buyers want bathrooms that are practical, easy to maintain and that provide privacy. After all, some boundaries should never be crossed.

{ 5 } The Use of Wallpaper

Blak and White Living Room Interior Design With Scandinavian WallpaperScandinavian Wallpaper By WallpaperDecor.com.au

Kids Room Design With Modern Lamp and Geometric WallpaperPhotography Shoot For Goodhomes magazine with Andrew Boyd

This is one of those aspects of interior decor that aren’t to everyone’s taste, especially if they have bold design, for example huge patterns. Buyers won’t consider properties that will require a complete remodeling, so you should paint your walls in neutral hues, as already mentioned.

When you’re selling a property, you need to make it appealing to your “target audience”, which means that you shouldn’t go with something that is too individualistic. Just be moderate, simple, and practical and buyers will love what you have to offer.

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