Interior Design Trends for Summer 2019

There is no way of escaping trends when it comes to interior design. Whether you are passionate and live by them, or feel completed unaffected, everything that is designed in our homes is influenced by a wider trend of some sort. And, with 2019 almost halfway through, the top interior design brands have certainly seen their predictions and trends become a reality when it comes to consumers preferences.

So, if you are to yet to give your home a freshen up or complete makeover ready for the summer season then read on. You will discover that many of the interior design trends that we discuss will offer you a new way to update your existing decor in line with this year’s summer trends. If this article leaves you curious as to the different ways you can incorporate this year’s summer trends, then there are many different upholstery suppliers across the United Kingdom that will be able to point you in the right direction.’

Mix and Match Patterns

Mix and Match Patterns

Patterns are proving to be popular this year and will continue to be a trending design going into the summer. And, it’s not even a case of matching patterns either. This year is seeing a combination of patterns and styles being used together. The key to mixing and matching different patterns is by keeping the colour tonally the same. For example, everything should be the same level of brightness together with the same level of softness, so nothing stands out too much and is all visually balanced.

If you have relatively plain furniture then this can act a blank canvas when it comes to patterned cushions, which gives you a lot of opportunity to mix and match your upholstery patterns.

Mustard Yellow

Mustard Yellow has always been a go-to colour when it comes to the summer season. However, we are seeing a big shift towards the colour being used more widely which is adding more boldness and a refreshing burst of colour in many people’s homes. When thinking of the mustard shade, you might think that it doesn’t go with other vibrant colours due to a clash in hues. But, this shade does, in fact, work really well with a myriad others include white pink and indigo blue.

The Unfinished Look

The Unfinished Look
Many people choose to go for classic interiors designs that are a lot more suitable and sustainable in the long term. Together being more environmentally friendly than other interior designs. When going for the unfinished look, keep a look out for pieces of furniture that look robustly steady which will be able to stand the test of time.

Open Shelving

It is now a trend to have your various items on show in the kitchen instead of hiding them away in a cupboard. However, this interior design isn’t exactly for everyone as it more down to personal taste and preference. But, there are many different benefits to be had by opting for open shelving. It’s just a matter of carefully planning how to integrate it into an overall design to make sure you can get the right use out of it. Sadly, there are two significant downsides of open shelving, one of them being that is that it can become very dusty and greasy if not maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. The second is that if you don’t keep them tidy, then they will look cluttered and unwelcoming when you have guests visit your home.

Living Coral

Living Coral
Living Coral is Pantone’s colour of the year for 2019. And, for good reason as well because of the warming and energising vibe that it gives off when incorporated into a home’s interior design. Living Coral is a colour that really is the best of both worlds as it gives off an explosive energy of orange that is complemented by the softness of pink. This might seem a little bit extravagant to include in your home’s interior design, but it is a lot more versatile than you may think. By combining Living Coral with dark neutral colours can create a relaxing vibe in any home space.

The Bottom Line

We think that it is safe to say that the dominating kitchen trend is colour and vibrancy. And, it couldn’t be more fitting with the summer approaching in the United Kingdom. From mix and match upholstery patterns to solid colours like Living Coral, you can be sure that your interior design will give you a warmer and energising vibe should you choose to incorporate these colours into your home.

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