Interior Design Tips for Your Restaurant



When you’re ready to decorate your restaurant, whether you’re opening a new establishment or updating outdated decor, the most important perspectives to consider are your guests first and yours second. Do check out this if you need more interior design inspiration.

Dining isn’t just about the food. It’s about the entire experience, which includes the ambiance and décor, just as much as it is about the food. Your guests are looking to delight all five of their senses, so incorporating your ideas of how you want your restaurant to look with what your guests want to experience should be your main focus.

Additionally, you also want to consider the interior design in terms of efficiency and flow of movement, so your wait staff and front-of-house staff can move through your restaurant easily and at an optimal speed.

These design tips can help you find the right decor for your restaurant that will satisfy your guests, appease your tastes, and help make sure there’s production efficiency.

Consider your capacity

Are you trying to maximize the number of guests in your restaurant, or are you trying to create a positive atmosphere? There’s nothing wrong with increasing your capacity, but there is a fine line between that and cramping everyone in uncomfortably. You also want there to be enough space for your wait staff to move around easily, so keep that in mind when mapping out your seating plan.

Carefully choose your lighting

Restaurant lighting
The kind of lighting you have will determine the atmosphere of your restaurant. Bright lighting, either natural or artificial, makes it feel more welcoming and open. Dimmer lighting can set a more romantic mood. The type of light makes a difference as well; warm lighting makes it seem cozier while cold but bright lighting actually encourages faster turnover.

Pick the right decor

The color scheme of your restaurant is so important because it’s the basis of your aesthetic and brand. Everything should match and feel cohesive, as well as be pleasing to look at. The wrong colors can make your guests subconsciously uncomfortable, meaning they won’t want to stick around long or come back another time.

Finding comfortable restaurant chairs, aesthetically-pleasing tables, and other furniture is an important part of the dining experience for most people. Comfort takes precedence over style, but both should be considered. Your furniture should match your color scheme, and if your restaurant has a theme, make sure it stays within those parameters as well.

Design your restrooms

Don’t forget about the bathrooms! More restaurant owners than you would think tend to neglect this aspect of their establishment, but because your guests will be using them, they should be nicely presented and considered just as much as the dining room and front-of-house area. The theme of your dining area should also match the restrooms, and customers will definitely take notice if they’re tidy and polished.

Menu design

Menu design
Another aspect that often gets overlooked, your menu design should also be carefully considered. Not only will they help carry the theme, branding, and aesthetic of your restaurant, but they can help upsell certain items and draw your guests’ eyes to items on the menu you are keen to sell.

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