Installing a Keyless Entry System For Your Business


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Your business security is of immense importance to your business, and it’s likely that you’re working with a commercial locksmith in order to keep the entire building as secure as possible.
A keyless entry system is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your business is going to be as secure as possible. How do you find the right system for your business? And how does the installation process go?

You choose the system that works for your company

When you start talking to your commercial locksmith about a keyless entry system, you will learn that there are many different types of them that you can choose from. Here’s a look at the main 3 categories that you may come across.

  • Card Systems. Each employee or owner is provided with a card that they swipe in order to get into the areas that are behind the keyless entry system.
  • Keypad Systems. Codes are used to enter the door; the keypad is either on the doorknob area or on a keypad to the side of the door.
  • Biometric Systems. These are the most advanced and most expensive systems, using fingerprints or facial scans in order to identify individuals. These are more often used in homes than businesses.
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Your commercial locksmith installs your keyless entry system

Your system has been chosen, and now it’s time to determine what parts of the building will require the keyless entry locks. If you are working in a warehouse or an office space where people other than employees don’t often go, then you will likely want the keyless entryways at every outdoor space. Then, you’ll want to have additional ones in places where only corporate professionals go, and/or where valuable items or money may be stored.

Stores have different needs, however. The main door will need a keyless entry system, as will any stock areas or office areas where customers are not allowed to go without being escorted by a staff member. Other doors (bathrooms, etc.) would be best serviced by working with a commercial locksmith to install traditional lock and key systems, as to reduce confusion and to make it safer for everyone.
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You configure codes, cards, or other entry options for your employees

After everything has been sorted out and your commercial locksmith has installed everything in your building, it’s time to sort out the methods that your employees will use in order to enter the building. You can choose to have everyone use the same code; to provide different codes for different employees (which is most secure, because you can deactivate when someone leaves the company); or to provide each department with a specific code. If you don’t have a keypad, then you can develop the cards or the biometric readings necessary to use the keyless system.

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