6 Reasons To Install Cast Iron Radiators This Winter

Winter is coming, and our thoughts turn to keeping our homes warm and cosy as the nights draw in. But does choose a new heating system mean comprising on style for the sake of practicality?

The humble cast iron radiator is experiencing a resurgence of late. The traditional cast iron radiator as we know it has changed very little since its early appearance as a Victorian heat source, and it is perhaps this familiarity that contributes to a combination of nostalgia for, and appreciation of, the classic design.

The trend for installing cast iron radiators into modern residential properties is on the rise and begs a comparison to more contemporary central heating systems, so we’ve put together some tips to help you discover the benefits of adding this architectural stalwart into your home this winter.

They’re energy efficient

Modern heating systems pride themselves on their energy efficiency ratings, however, you may be surprised to find that their predecessor, the trusty cast iron radiator, is actually one of the best solutions for reducing heating costs, heating your home more quickly, and keeping it warmer for longer. This is due to the density of the metal they’re made from. Cast iron retains heat, meaning that even when the heating is switched off, your radiators will still emit warmth as they slowly cool back down, and because iron has excellent conductivity properties, you’ll find your room will warm up faster.

They’re another man’s treasure

Cast iron radiators can often be sourced through reclamation suppliers who find original radiators to be ‘up-cycled’ for reuse. Because these radiators are ready to be loved again, there’s no manufacturing process and they don’t take up landfill space, helping to keep damage to the environment to a minimum. Plus, you may just pick up a great quality investment for a bargain price.

Cast iron radiators have a timeless design

We’ve already mentioned that the cast iron radiator has remained largely unchanged since its first widespread use, and this enduring and durable classic has a charm all of its own. When renovating houses built during the turn of the century, traditional and modern cast iron radiators are an ideal way of adding period features that are sympathetic to the design of the decade. Cast iron radiators will stand the test of time, without the need for frequent replacement.

They’re versatile

New cast iron radiators also make a spectacular addition to modern homes. Modern cast iron radiators have received a makeover, with updated versions retaining the original design features loved by many, whilst sporting modifications that make a statement yet remain functional. Slim-line features to help with space-saving, and contemporary finishes mean they will look great and complement the interior design of any home.

They’re good for your boiler

Using a cast iron radiator system is also good news for your boiler, as the hot water that returns through your central heating system stays hot, meaningless re-heating required, keeping your energy bills down and saving you money in the long run.

Cast iron radiators are good for your health

The winter months can mean extra health concerns for asthma sufferers, with changes in temperature often exacerbating symptoms. Modern radiators typically use a convection system to heat a house, meaning that warm air circulated around rooms is likely to disturb dust and other allergen particles, presenting a further risk to individuals with poor respiratory health. Also, without dust flying around everywhere, cast iron radiators make it easier to keep your home clean and dust-free.

Traditional and modern cast iron radiators offer an outstanding range of benefits, from saving you money to looking fantastic in any room of the house. Explore our range of high-quality cast iron radiators to suit any home here.

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