Inspiring Radiant Master Bedrooms with Cozy Designer Fireplaces


If you’re building your dream home, many would likely share with you that there’s no better way to add a luxurious design element to your space than a fireplace in the master bedroom. Don’t forget how designer fireplaces can add character and overall design aesthetics but also increase your home’s resale value.

Whether you’re remodeling, building from scratch or simply sprucing up the main sleeping quarters, here are some functional, beautiful and inspiring fireplace designs for your master bedroom.

The Subtle Shine

Let the fire glow and bask in its warmth while you stay in bed watching your favorite show. Yes, you can delicately place designer fireplaces just below your flat-screen television. In fact, you can just as easily find a hearth with the same dimensions as your TV, or vice versa.

Fireplaces below your flat-screen television

Add a slight bump to your firebox to make it stand out more. You can either tile it or paint it. Also, add offset or hanging shelves so that your wall isn’t too bland.

Fireplace on the Floor

A modern take on the classic design—how about gazing at the fire coming from the floor? This is far from the traditional way people enjoy the warmth of a beautiful roaring flame, and it falls in the fire pit category than a fireplace.

Fireplace on the Floor

And when the fire’s out, it will appear to be more like an open bath in the center of your bedroom than a fireplace, which depending on your preference could be either a good or bad thing. Either way, you’ll surely impress your guests.

The Eye-Catching 3-Sided Hearth

Fireplaces have gone a long way from being a mere hole in the wall. Today’s designs include three-sided fireplaces. This easily complements the modern aesthetics in most contemporary master bedrooms.

Bedroom 3 Sided Fireplace

In fact, it also can double as a space divider, where the other side of the bed could be an open bath or an open-concept walk-in closet. Either way, it’s a win-win, especially for your wife. You can enjoy the cozy fire and watch the eye-catching colors of the dancing flames from both sides of the room.

The Max Effect

indoor outdoor modern fireplace
If you have a wonderful view of the outside or if your bedroom happens to be full of windows, then you can strategically place an indoor/outdoor modern fireplace so that you can enjoy the stunning view of the outside while still enjoying the warm glow from the fire. The fireplace opening also acts as another window.

Final Thoughts

Designer fireplaces serve as a grand addition or centrepiece of any room in the house, from the living room to your master suites. It helps add a luxurious ambiance to space and also helps bring in together the design elements of the room.

In fact, modern hearths can also act as the room’s focal point themselves. These modern hearths have indeed come a long way.

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