Inspiring Bathroom Trends to Keep an Eye On In 2021



Yep, 2021 bathroom trends are here, and if you plan a home remodel, check them out.

The latest trends of bathroom renovation in Vancouver promote the space as a place of relaxation and refuge meant to release the stress and tension you experience through the day. The time of small simple bathrooms is far away, as 2021 welcomes intricate accessories, towel warmers, automated soap dispensers, and hot tubs.

Renovating a bathroom to meet the 2021 trends is expensive and requires a time investment, but it’s a project that is worth all efforts because it can boost property value. Before engaging into this task set a budget to provide you guidance when you pick supplies and appliances.

No longer look for inspiration because this article lists the hottest bathroom remodel trends for 2021.

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Bathroom material trends


Designing a bathroom starts with picking materials. Nowadays, interior designers prefer glass, wood, and small tiles for walls and floors.

Wood – it’s a natural material that welcomes nature inside the house. It’s mainly used for walls and floors, but it’s not limited to it. Wood bathroom furniture and countertops have registered a rise in popularity lately. Create a wooden base with stainless steel fittings to obtain a classy but innovative look. Wood has a clean and fresh texture that when associated with other natural materials like marble gives the impression of luxury. The advancements in wood treatments allow you to bring a natural material in a space where it was a taboo before.

Stone or marble – this year marks the return of marble in bathroom space. We’ll mostly see red, grey, and white marble used to adorn walls and floors. Marble includes a pattern of fluid lines that is practical in a bathroom where water leaves marks and spots on all surfaces. Alongside marble and wood, this year will also welcome the return of natural stone that can be used for sinks, countertops, walls, and floors. Marble and natural stone make bathrooms look majestic and offer a tactile and visual texture to space.

Gold metals – metals have been in trend for some years, but it seems that 2021 promotes the use of gold metals because they bring a sense of glamour and warmth when paired with natural materials. They’re also the perfect addition for small spaces because they reflect light making a bathroom look more spacious. Metals with satin or matt finishes are popular in 2021. And we should also mention the elegant return of the 70’s brass that works wonderfully when combines with natural schemes and colours.

Small tiles – small tiles installed in a mosaic style will be another hot trend for 2021. The classic subway tiles are making an entrance in residential design. Handmade tiles are the stars, with small imperfections that make them beautiful and infuse them with texture and visual appeal. Homeowners want unique interior design, and they can obtain it if they use handmade tiles on the walls to complement the natural grain of the wooden floors.

Ornaments and accessories

Most homeowners don’t pay too much attention to details when they decorate the bathroom. But each element makes the space look cosier and welcoming, a feeling you want to get when you step in a bathroom. Therefore, it’s essential to pay attention to details because they set the interior design mood.

Modern faucets and basins – The market provides you with a complete range of faucets so you can choose from classic models to sophisticated and modern ones. But in 2021 we expect to see a rise in popularity for minimalist bathrooms that include modern taps. Marble basins are also popular choices among homeowners because they are a mixture of refinery and elegance.

If you want to add a zen touch to your bathroom, install double sinks and support toilets.

Bathroom mirrors – Modern bathrooms have a common element; they all feature large mirrors in different shapes. In 2021 we’ll see square and rectangular with rounded verticals mirrors to complement the minimalist style. Forget about drilling the mirror into walls, use glue to remove it when the trends change easily. Sugru provides complete information on how you can install bathroom accessories without drilling the walls.

Plants – Plants used as interior decorations are in trend for a couple of years and will continue to be. Indoor plants bring the exterior beauty in any room you place them, so why not add a couple to the bathroom? They can help you achieve that spa-like vibe. Plants don’t have to be simple accessories; they can be integrated into the overall design and change them seasonally. Plants in bathrooms are lovely touches to the design, but make sure to pick a type that thrives on humidity and low light because the bathroom isn’t the most propitious space for greenery.

Design trends


You may have the misconception the bathroom is the most inconsequential room of the house, but in fact, it’s a place where you spend a lot of time. So why neglect its design?

Geometry – geometry is essential in structural and architectural elements, but also in the aesthetics of walls. Rectangular tiles are a hot trend this year because they allow multiple combinations and variations. If you play with the elements, you can even create 3D depths.

Simple lines – at the moment, interior design is about spacious rooms with straight lines that work wonderfully with stainless steel, mirrors, neutral and white colours, and even shades of black. Simplicity is king in modern bathrooms that are designed keeping minimalist practices in mind.

Functionality – This is undoubtedly good news if you’re a practical individual who ensures each element, you bring inside your house serves a purpose. When designing the bathroom, create adequate storage to hide the body care products, hairdryer, and towels.

Comfort – the bathroom isn’t just a functional space, it’s the room where you escape in the morning to get ready to leave the house, and in the night to alleviate stress before going to bed. You want it to feature ambient lighting, custom-made elements, a table and stool for makeup, bath mats, and poufs to make you feel relaxed.

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