Inside Sydney’s Million-Dollar Mansions: A Look at The Most Expensive Properties


Sydney Million-Dollar Mansions 1

Australia is home to some of the world’s most sought-after, intriguing, and enormous properties. Of course, they also attract incredible prices, reaching hundreds of millions of dollars. Here are the top five luxury homes in Sydney today. 

1. Fairwater, Point Piper

Size: 11,000 sqm

Price: $100 million 

The Fairwater mansion is the largest privately-owned property in Sydney Harbour. It has been around since 1882 and since then, the Fairfax family managed it for over a century until tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes purchased the property in 2018. It sits on just over 1.1 hectares of waterfront property from Seven Shillings Beach to New South Head Road. It also features stained glass windows, mosaic floors, and panelled walls, making it a prized heritage home. 

2. Edgewater, Point Piper  

Size: 1,800 sqm 

Price: $95 million 

Another million-dollar waterfront mansion is Edgewater, located on Wolseley Road, in front of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. This property is famous for its tennis court and deepwater jetty, but what makes Edgewater unique is the 40m harbour frontage. Built in the 1980s, it boasts two separate apartments with two levels each, priced at $47.5m a piece. Edgewater’s new owner purchased both apartments to convert them into a single luxurious residence. 

Sydney Million-Dollar Mansions 2

3. Phoenix Acres, Vaucluse

Size: 3,731 sqm

Price: $65.25 million

Described as a modern-day castle, the sheer scale of Phoenix Acres is hard to beat. The property features six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a triple garage, a tennis court, a swimming pool, and a spectacular view of the Sydney Harbour. This luxurious mansion has a private boathouse, gym, library, and grand dining room. In addition, the property is next to Watsons Bay and Kutti Beach and has 81 metres of private water frontage. 

4. Ganeden, Vaucluse

Size: 2,400 sqm

Price: $62 million

Ganeden is a vast limestone property that defines a trophy home: seven bedrooms, three kitchens, 13 bathrooms, a 20-car garage, a home cinema, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and incredible Sydney Harbour, Opera House, and Bridge views. Ganeden consolidates three homes built in the 1980s to create one gorgeous, sprawling, luxurious property. Ganeden is set on a hillside at 38a Wentworth Road, making it one of Australia’s most expensive non-waterfront properties. 

5. One Sydney Harbour, Sydney

Size: 540 – 670 sqm 

Price: $140 Million

One Sydney Harbour comprises over 800 apartments in three ultramodern towers. The one-bedroom luxury apartments start at $2 million, and a three-bedroom can cost upwards of $5 million. One Sydney Harbour features indoor and outdoor pools, a jacuzzi, a fully-fitted wellness centre, and a private dining room. A recent purchase of the top three floors of Tower 1 fetched a whopping $140 million, making it the most expensive apartment deal in Australia. 

These properties, among many others, put Sydney right on the map in the trophy home market. Of course, these price tags depend on location, property features, and accurate valuations. So, if you’re looking to sell your Sydney home, find out how much your property is worth today and confidently join the market. 

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