Importance of Natural Light at Home


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Latest studies have proven that people tend to get consciously or subconsciously attracted to spaces where sun rays penetrate a room. Potential homeowners also seek natural light areas to avoid fluorescent bulbs during the day, thereby saving energy, while others seek the ambiance and relaxation natural light brings to a home, particularly for those who spend most of their time indoors working, studying, or performing any other duties that demand them to stay indoors for a long period. Natural light, therefore, comes as a blessing in disguise through the different benefits that it offers. Check out reviewsbird to learn more on how to save on energy bills.

1. Save Overuse of Energy

Dark or dull houses face the challenge of keeping bulbs on during the day and night for better vision. Continued use of electricity reflects the bills, which could escalate higher than expected. Although some states offer deregulation of electricity, having a home strategically located where natural light can penetrate is advantageous as one gets to enjoy sunlight at the comfort of their couch.

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2. Natural stress reliever

Homeowners who have access to sunlight in their homes have attested that natural light relaxes the mind, reducing stress. Sitting near a window while reading books or playing near the penetrating light has reduced anxiety and depression instances.  People living in spaces with natural light are seen to be happier, calmer, productive, and healthier. This is because natural light availability creates an outdoor illusion where one does not need to be out to enjoy the natural resource.

3. Source of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential mineral to everyone. The benefits of vitamin D range from regulating the body’s immune system, maintaining body weight, preventing rickets, and controlling asthma symptoms. Vitamin D is acquired by exposing the body to sunlight. Homes with sufficient penetration of the sun enjoy the benefit of obtaining vitamin D for a healthier life and a more natural environment.

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4. Reduces Health Risks from Fluorescent Bulbs

It is advisable to spend as much time in the sunlight than under a fluorescent bulb. Despite the idea that fluorescent bulbs or artificial lighting from other sources are generally safe, continuous exposure under bulbs could pose significant health risks. People who frequently use fluorescent light are mostly prone to eye strain problems accompanied by difficulty reading and seeing. The bulbs could also cause migraines due to eye strain. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that sufficient natural light penetrates the house to prevent unnecessary bulbs’ lighting during the day.

There are many other benefits accompanied by natural light at homes. However, the mentioned benefits are that people with no natural light in their homes should consider replacing light bulbs. Potential homeowners should also seek spaces that allow for natural light to prevent complications and stress-related disorders. Further, those that spend most of their time indoors working or studying should consider having spaces with more natural lighting in their rooms for better health and productivity in their work. Children living in houses with penetration of natural light are happier and active, leading to healthy cognitive development.

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