Ideas for Your Next Bathroom Remodeling Project

Whether you live in a standalone house or an apartment, your bathroom is one of the most important areas around the home. Having a modern yet practical bathroom can appeal the look of your home. A simple bathroom remodeling can increase the value of your home and make it more adaptable to your everyday needs.

Here are improvement ideas you can consider for your bathroom renovations.

Hidden tank, low flow toilets

Hidden tank toilets are a worthy consideration to make when looking into bathroom renovation ideas. This design is ideal for smaller bathrooms where you need to save on space. A low flow model toilet can save water every time it is flushed. These two are simple factors that can increase your home’s value after the remodel.

Installing a textured tile shower floor

Installing a textured tile shower floor

When remodeling a bathroom, you will come across a lot of wall, floor, and tile selections. The floor tiling in your shower is an essential factor to consider. For safety purposes, a textured tile option is the best choice. The extra grouting in the textured tiles helps to keep the feet firmly planted on the floor when showering. This minimizes the risk of sliding and injury in the bathroom. These modern shower floor textures tiles are easy to clean.

Using 2-inch drain pipes

This minor improvement can make a huge difference in how effectively your bathroom functions. Typically, most bathrooms are built with the one and a half or the one and quarter-inch diameter PVC pipes. These clog easily, especially when the household has a lot of members using the same bathroom. Installing a 2-inch diameter pipe will cost the same but will improve the drainage process and reduce clogging.

Install a tab only if it is necessary

Some people prefer standing in the shower as opposed to soaking in a bath. Therefore, having a tab in their bathroom ends up being a waste of space. When doing your bathroom renovations, always consider the practicality of your bathroom and how it affects your day to day life. If you rarely take baths, installing a larger shower would be a better bathroom idea.


Humidity is a common problem in most bathrooms. It is caused by trapped moisture from the shower and steam. This is mainly due to an ineffective ventilation system. While most people prefer bathroom fans, the best ventilation system is natural ventilation. Consider adding a window or two to your bathroom.

It will keep the air fresh and the surfaces free from molds. Windows also allow natural light into the room. This improves the aesthetic value of the bathroom and reduces the ability for mold to grow.

Recessed medical cabinets

Because of safety purposes, always do your research before you install a medicine cabinet in your bathroom. It is a better idea to have the medicine cabinet away from the public eye, especially if you use prescription drugs. A recessed medicine cabinet is not only safer but also modern. Because it is installed inside the wall, it helps to save on space and prevents the extra shelving in your bathroom.

A bathroom makeover will make your bathroom more functional, efficient, and stylish. These small improvements can help to improve your space.

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