Ideas for Large and Luxurious Living Rooms


Large and Luxurious Living Rooms 1

If you’re a proud owner of a large living room, you might wonder how to strike the perfect balance between refinement and comfort. However, this is no small task, and there are many things to consider.

Creativity is one of the most important assets in home decor, but that won’t lead you too far on itself. Good taste is essential, especially for large spaces where many different elements can be a mish-mash of unrelated items.

This is why we’ll present some good ideas in this article to give you a head start when decorating a living room with style.

Hide the Tech

There is room for a lot of stuff in a large living room. While this is convenient, it can turn into a decor nightmare. Imagine you have a panoramic view of exquisite vintage furniture and, suddenly, a mess of cables, video game controllers and other things destroying the concept.

One way you can address this is with a hidden TV lift mechanism. You can also make the TV look like a picture. Conversely, you could hide it in a cupboard or camouflage it with other visual elements.

The idea is to make tech look as inconspicuous as possible. And it’s not just about your TV: Hi-Fi systems, Home Theaters and other devices benefit from the same approach.

Large and Luxurious Living Rooms 2

Statement Lighting

A home decor secret that’s hidden in plain sight is lighting. Light fixtures are an incredible way to enhance any room and can be a work of art in itself. Depending on the style of your living room, you could opt for chandeliers, both classic and modern, wall sconces or floor lamps.

Importantly, it’s not just about the light fixture itself. Careful placement, together with dimmers, can enhance the living room even further, creating a different atmosphere for each occasion. 

It’s All About Colour

Some people find choosing the right paint for their living rooms daunting, especially when you want it to look luxurious. However, everyone should know an incredible decoration staple: the 60-30-10 rule.

It states that 60% of the room should have a dominant color, 30% should be painted with a secondary color, and the rest (10%) should be an accent. With this simple rule, you’ll achieve a striking balance to create an inviting room.

But if you’re lacking ideas, here are a couple more. You could decorate a wall with a neutral shade in the center, edged with a darker color and hang artwork there. You could also paint a feature wall a specific color of your choice. 

Place the Right Furniture

It goes without saying that a luxury living room should comprise only luxury furniture and proper artwork. Since we’re talking about a large living room, you can opt for oversized sofas with exquisite fabrics such as velvet or leather.

With a large room, it’s also important to consider different areas. For instance, you could arrange armchairs and coffee tables for a conversation area that’s clearly distinguished from an entertainment area.

With these tips, you’ll probably manage to decorate your luxury living room like a pro. Don’t hesitate to be bold, but do it always with style!

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