Idaho Commercial Roofing: Expert Roofers for Your Business Needs


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Say goodbye to commercial roofing woes and hello to E & H Roofing. If you’re on the lookout for expert roofers to make your business needs a reality, then you’ve come to the right place. Our team of commercial roofers has extensive experience performing repairs and installations for any kind of commercial roof. From flat roofs to metal roofs, and everything in between, there’s no job too complex for us to handle. We’re the number one choice in Idaho when it comes to providing quality and reliable services for commercial roofing. What’s more, we’re here to make sure that your commercial roof not only looks beautiful but is also up to code and performs optimally. In this post, we’ll be going through the various services we offer as well as the immense benefits of working with us and why you simply can’t go wrong trusting Idaho Commercial Roofing with your commercial roof issues. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started!

Quick Insight into Key Points

There are many reputable companies that offer commercial roofing services in Idaho, such as E & H Roofing Company, All Pro Roofing, Idaho Exteriors, and Hansen’s Roofing & Siding. Be sure to research each company’s credentials and experience before making your selection.

Commercial Roofing Specialty

When it comes to Idaho commercial roofing, there is a great deal of specialization for businesses in the area. The harsh weather conditions make installation and repair a specialty within itself. Idaho’s frequently encountered snowy winters require stronger roofing materials that can withstand the weight and hold up against time. It is also necessary to have reliable roofers who possess the right skills and experience working with strong roofing materials. Idaho commercial roofers must possess significant expertise when it comes to fixing and replacing any kind of commercial roof.

As well as special requirements for heavy duty roofs, there are also specific climates and geographies that must be considered when selecting or maintaining commercial roofs in the area. In addition to environmental factors, different structures will require distinct designs and materials for their roofs, such as budget or energy-saving considerations. A general knowledge of the climate and terrain in Idaho can help contractors determine what type of material should be used for a specific project as well as craft an effective design that suits both practical needs as well as aesthetic values.

Idaho’s commercial roofing has its own unique needs and skill requirements, which makes having an experienced expert all the more important. Commercial property owners need to be sure they hire someone who knows local standards and regulations so they acquire the necessary building permit before commencing with their project. Fortunately, experienced Idaho commercial roofers have a wealth of knowledge that allows them to provide quality service with precision and accuracy at competitive prices. With their reliable and specialized expertise in Idaho’s complex terrain, commercial property owners can feel confident that they are receiving professional services tailored to meet their specific needs while having a lasting impact on their structure.

For these reasons, ensuring your commercial roof is installed or maintained by an experienced Idaho contractor is essential in order to realize the dominance, durability and cost benefit of having a remarkable rooftop system on your property. With this in mind, let’s now look further into the different types of commercial roofs available to Idaho businesses and how each option might be beneficial for your particular business needs.

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Types of Commercial Roofs

Commercial roofing services are a significant feature to many businesses in Idaho. Customers have the freedom of choice when deciding which roof best suits their individual needs, so it is important to discuss the types of commercial roofs available. Depending on the structure of your building and the weather conditions in your area, different types of commercial roofs can potentially be used. There are three large categories of commercial roofs: Low Slope, Steep Slope, and Modified Bitumen (MB).

Low Slope roofs are often used in climates that experience consistent rain, as they have excellent waterproofing abilities. These roofs generally have either a tar and gravel or asphalt base with built-in waterproof membrane layers, making them an ideal choice for areas with frequent rain and humidity. They also come with a built-in UV resistance, suitable for long summer days in Idaho. On the other side of the spectrum, Steep Slope roofs are most commonly seen in regions with mild climates. These roofs feature shingles with excellent draining capabilities and typically offer relatively easy installation.

Finally, Modified Bitumen (MB) roofs combine both low slope and steep slope principles into one powerful product. MBs are manufactured using a sheet-like material in order to provide long-term protection against harsh weather conditions. This type of roof also boasts excellent durability and fire resistance properties, allowing it to stand up against Idaho’s occasional thunderstorms and wildfires.

As you can see, customers may find great success by choosing one of these three types of commercial roofs depending on their individual business needs. To make an informed decision, potential customers should consider things such as climate conditions, desired aesthetic appeal, fire rating requirements, budget allowance etc. With this information in mind, customers will likely be one step closer to figuring out which type of roof is right for their business needs.

Top Takeaways

Commercial roofing services are an important part of business in Idaho and customers have the option to choose which type of roof best suits their individual needs. There are three main types of commercial roofs available: Low Slope, Steep Slope, and Modified Bitumen (MB). Low Slope roofs are suitable for climates with consistent rain while Steep Slope roofs are ideal for mild climates. Modified Bitumen roofs combine low slope and steep slope characteristics and offer long-term protection against harsh weather conditions. Customers should consider climate conditions, desired aesthetic appeal, fire rating requirements, budget allowance etc. when deciding which type of roof is right for them.

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