I Got a Moonpod for Christmas – Here is a Review

For Christmas, my parents bought me a Moonpod. At first, I wasn’t sure what it was, so I went online and did a little research. The Moonpod is marketed as a reimagined beanbag. Unlike the traditional beanbag, the Moonpod contains “high-density beans” that are supposed to mimic the sensation of floating. The website says that it produces a sensation akin to that felt during floatation therapy. The purpose of this is to reduce stress and anxiety by increasing the feeling of relaxation. Also unique to the Moonpod is its ergonomic structure. The Moonpod can be manipulated so you can sit up or lay flat. It’s also firmer than a beanbag so you feel supported. The Moonpod retails for $399. There are also optional accessories you can purchase to increase the ways you can use the Moonpod.

Here is my Moonpod review in a nutshell: it’s great. No, seriously. And I’m not the only person who thinks so. I had a bunch of my friends and family try it out, and they all agree, it’s a great piece of furniture.

I love how you can use the Moonpod to relax in front of the TV, read a book or socialize with friends. On top of that though, the Moonpod is excellent for working on your laptop or taking notes. I’ve also used it while drawing and I’ve even brought it onto my porch so I could sunbathe.

I can’t really say whether my stress and anxiety were reduced as a result of the Moonpod but I felt more relaxed than when I sit on my desk chair or on the couch. I’ve actually slept on the chair as well. My only critique about using the Moonpod to sleep on is that it’s not very wide so because I tend to toss and turn a lot when I sleep I almost fell off a couple of times.

I move my Moonpod from room to room, depending on how I’m using it. When I have friends over I move it to the living room and when I’m working on my laptop I keep it in the bedroom. When I’m not using it I store it in my hall closet. So I move it a lot. It’s 12 pounds so moving it is a bit of a workout but it stores pretty easily. As I’ve said, I really like the Moonpod but it’s not a great piece of furniture, aesthetically speaking. It looks like a beanbag chair, but less floppy and because it’s so low to the ground, even in the upright position, it looks out of place with the rest of my living room or bedroom furniture. It would be more at home in a children’s bedroom because of it’s size and shape. That is why I keep it in my closet.

I like that the material is washable because it does get dirty fairly easily. I do find that putting the cover back on after I wash it is hard. Usually, it takes two people to accomplish.

The only real flaw that I can point out is that getting into the Moonpod can be an issue for people with reduced mobility. It’s low to the ground so it can be hard to get into and out of. My grandma, for example, had a tough time. She kind of fell into it and almost fell off it in doing so. We then had to help her get out of it. So she won’t be attempting to sit in it again.

For younger people though, especially kids, the Moonpod holds up really well. My nieces and nephews have been all over it, and it’s held its shape and hasn’t lost any of its firmness.

Also, I take issue with saying it’s like floatation therapy. From what I understand, floatation therapy involves sensory deprivation, and I wouldn’t say that the Moonpod provides that. It does feel a bit like you’re floating, but that’s where the comparison to floatation therapy ends.

Overall, as I’ve said, the Moonpod is a great chair for both working and relaxing. It provides extra seating when I have guests over and if need be, can serve as an extra bed. I’m not sure if it’s reduced my stress levels but it’s more fun to sit and work in than my desk chair. The cover is washable, it’s easily moved and stored and it’s durable. The only downsides to this chair are that it’s low to the ground, so not great for people with mobility issues and it’s not aesthetically pleasing. Nonetheless, the Moonpod is versatile and useful, so it’s worth the investment.

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