HVAC Project: Fiberglass Insulation and Foam Insulation Side-by-Side Comparison

Home insulation is most important to stay safe from bone-chilling winters. Without proper insulation, you can’t survive in the cold weather. So, this is the main reason for which you need to come with proper knowledge of whether fiberglass insulation or foam insulation is best.

Fiberglass Insulation vs Foam Insulation

This is popular as one of the hot topics at the current time. Most of the people are still unclear whether they should go for fiberglass insulation or should go for foam. One thing is to keep in mind that, fiberglass insulation procedure has been adopting maximum American homeowners for decades. They are simply making their own home insulated with installing fiberglass. However, spray foam is new in this matter and people use it recently but it is gradually getting popular.

Still, some people are skeptical about the usefulness of spray foam. Still, they think that it is not able to replace the fiberglass insulation which has been used for years in homes for better insulation. To answer this question, you need to dive deeply into the matter.
Fiberglass Insulation vs Foam Insulation

  • Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is all about a series of delicate fibers with different types of recycled materials. Initially, there were melted down glasses. In order to make them effective, these sheets of fiber glasses fit with the help of adhesives. These adhesives also work as vapor barriers just like reflective aluminum foil or paper. These are quite cheap and very much effective. At the present time, more than half of the Americans are using this fiberglass in their homes.

  • Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is a certain kind of liquid chemical that always comes out in spray form and can easily expand to form with a proper airtight seal which is over the cracks. In this way, the outer air can’t trespass and it will keep your home unharmed from the outer climate. In this way, if there are any cracks in your home, they will close and there will be no airflow within them.

How Fiberglass Gets Packaged?

When you are going to purchase fiberglass, they are available mainly in two forms. One is Batts and in loose-fill.

  • Batts

Most of the homeowners prefer Batts. This is because; these are available in large sizes and these are light in weight. Anyone can pick them up very easily at the store or can carry to the upstairs. Once they are out of their original packaging, they can easily cover huge spaces. These are, however, able to fit exactly with the standard spacing between the attic walls and the studs.

  • Loose-Fill

If any homeowner wants, he can purchase the fiberglass in bags just like loose-fill material and these materials come with large sizes. It would be best to call the professional installer to install these kinds of fiberglass with your wall. With the help of a blowing machine, they can easily install them without much hassle.

How Spray Foam Gets Packaged?

How Spray Foam Gets Packaged
Spray foam mainly comes with 2 types of packages. These include close cell and open cell.

  • Closed-Cell

In this way, the cells are completely closed and the cells press one another to properly block the passage of the air along with moisture. In this way, the foam stays more rigid, stable, and dense compared to the open cell.

  • Open-Cell

Open-cell comes with cells as they are not packed full. In this way, the foam becomes flexible and soft.

If someone will compare these two, he’ll find that a closed foam cell is much better compared to the open cell. It applies well where the attics are tight. Apart from it, the moisture-resistant qualities are much more user-friendly. So, there will be no way of any kind of water damage or leak issues.

  • R-Value

While going to the usefulness of insulation, it would be best to understand the R-value. This measurement is used to properly determine the effectiveness of resisting the air-flow. However, the R-Value is simple. The higher will always deliver a better result.

According to experts, spray foam has more R-Value compared to the fiberglass. Brisbane pipe cladding company gives perfect service to insulate your home. Spray foam comes with 7 R-value. It also doesn’t sag or settle over any time. If the fiberglass insulator doesn’t properly install, it may come with different types of side-effects.

Which is Better?

Which is Better
Spray foam has a higher R-value than the fiberglass insulator. But, you need to choose the right one which will fit with your home rightly. Make sure that you have considered the amount of space they are occupying in the attic, the climate of the area, and the potential safety hazards. These are some of the best things if you’ll consider, you can easily pick the right insulator for your home.


Spray foam and fiberglass are best in their own field. They both have advantages and disadvantages. You should choose the right one according to your need.

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