Huntsville: The Top 10 Regions to Consider Making Your Home


If you’re thinking about moving to Huntsville, you should know that many families and individuals feel the same way. They see what the region has to offer, and they think they could be happy living there. Let’s look at some of the best areas you might live in if you’re targeting Huntsville today.  

New Market

Huntsville’s New Market section is getting a lot of attention these days. There are Huntsville, AL, home builders that are in the midst of new construction there. This is the “watercress capital of the world,” where you can find small-town charm and the gorgeous Sharon Johnston Park.


Athens has urban convenience but also rural charm. You can reach downtown Huntsville from there in about 35 minutes. You will love this area for all the trails. You can try biking, jogging, or even horseback riding there. 


Meridianville only has about 8,000 residents, but it’s considered to be one of the more desirable parts of the state. The homes there are upscale and spacious. This is the part of town you want to be in if you’re upwardly mobile and starting a family.


Madison has one of the area’s best school systems. It frequently wins awards and gets top marks for the teachers that care about their students and want what’s best for them. You will also find some of the state’s most sought-after employers there, like Hexagon PPM.

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Hampton Cove

Hampton Cove is in the Monte Sano Valley. You can see the Appalachian foothills from there. There are some spectacular golf courses, and there’s also the Hays Nature Preserve.

South Huntsville

South Huntsville is an up-and-coming neighborhood. You can go hiking in the mountains that rise above it. There are also many gorgeous green spaces, parks, and nature preserves.

Jones Valley

Jones Valley is another highly desirable area, but you’ll pay dearly for the privilege of living there. There are shopping opportunities and many other amenities, but The Ledges golf course is perhaps what makes this region stand out the most. It attracts professional golfers and spirited amateurs alike.

Twickenham Historic District

Besides having a truly whimsical name, the Twickenham Historic District has character and charm to spare. You’re very close to Old Town and Five Points, and there are even distinct street signs that set the neighborhood apart from those around it. There are some prime dining opportunities there as well.


In Downtown Huntsville, you’re in the midst of the action. You’re at the bottom of the Monte Sano Mountain, and you can look up at its towering heights. You can enjoy fountains, neighborhood pools, and shopping opportunities as well.

Hobbs Island

You might also select Hobbs Island as the place to raise a family. It’s an unincorporated community, but there’s beautiful farmland as far as the eye can see. This was once the site of the Chickasaw Old Fields. The remains of this community can be seen there to this day.

Consider which area sounds best for your family.  

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