How You Can Use The Diamond Painting Style to Decorate Your

Diamond painting is a relatively newer concept for the artists and DIY experts. It has quickly made a huge space in the arts & craft industry thanks to its uniqueness and ease of application.

You can consider diamond painting as a form of mosaic art in which a painter uses differently colored pieces of diamonds (made out of shiny acrylic) to either make a painting on a canvas, or decorate a blank wall by joining the diamonds in specific patterns to catch the viewer’s attention. Diamonds used in the process are usually made out of shiny acrylic or resins to ensure that the wall décor lasts for a longer period of time. To make the home painting/ décor project even more fun, you can use the actual diamond color chart to color coordinate the whole stuff.

How Much Experience Do You Need?

How Much Experience Do You Need

Diamond painting is a new concept, and there are still many doubts that need to be cleared, but you can easily take it as a DIY project and decorate a blank wall anywhere (preferably the hallway) in your house to make it unique. Since a less number of people actually know this type of painting style exists, you have an advantage of stunning the visitors with your unique and well designed walls.

As far as the experienced is concerned, you don’t need a lot of it to master the art of diamond painting. But to learn it properly, you can try making some designs on a canvas first, and then begin your actual home décor project to make sure you don’t make a mess. You can also adopt this amazing art as a hobby and begin decorating canvases, this way, you’ll be able to make more paintings that you can either collect, sale, or display on the walls of your house to show off your skills.

Materials You’ll Need

You won’t need a whole lot of materials to start the diamond painting process. No matter if you are looking to make canvases or decorate the walls of your house, you can always buy all the needed equipment from some of the most reputable online stores in this domain. Mostly, these stores will sell you a kit that’ll include all the things necessary for you to start the diamond painting process in your house.

Choosing The Diamonds

Choosing The Diamonds
Choosing the right diamonds for your project is the single most important step of the diamond painting process. Depending on your personal needs, you can choose between 4D and 5D diamonds. These numbers represent the facets of the diamond. The more the facets, the shinier the diamond becomes.

Diamonds made out of resin are the mostly used ones, but other materials like plastic, glass and acrylic are also the option available. However, the prices depend to various factors including the actual market value of the material, facets, quality and durability among other things. You can search for longer, more detailed articles on this topic to gain more knowledge.

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