How to Winterize a Mobile Home

If you live in a mobile home and winter is fast approaching, then you know you definitely have to winter your home to prepare for the cold season. A mobile home, whether it is made up of wood, metal, plastic, glass, etc. still need TLC to stay in good shape. When you winterize your home, you can save a lot of money in the long run because if you take reasonable steps to prevent damage on areas such as mobile home shower faucet, you can avoid paying for unnecessary problems.

The reasons why people winterize their homes is to prevent cold air from coming in the house, prevent hot air from escaping the house, and prevent plumbing and water pipes from freezing over.

The following are ways that you can winter your mobile home.

Roof insulation

loft insulation

Everybody knows that hot air travels in one direction- that’s up. So you can imagine making your heater run full blast during those cold days of winter, only for most of the heat to escape through the roof that is uninsulated. Very annoying, right?
Majority of mobile home roofs are poorly insulated. Generally, there is a hole between the roof and the ceiling that is left empty with just an inch of fiberglass insulation running under the roof. For you to perform roof insulation you have to consider how much space you are supposed to insulate and materials to be used for insulation.

You can then hire a professional contractor for your roof insulation. This is because they are qualified for the job and have the right tools for the job.


Plumbing should be one of your major concerns when wintering your mobile home. Mobile home plumbing is highly predisposed to freeze during cold seasons, especially if there is nobody at home to run the water.

Freezing pipes can interrupt your water supply and result in a colder home. They can also get permanently damaged making you do system repair and replacement which can be quite costly. When doing plumbing, the following are some tasks that should be carried out.

  • Drain water from the plumbing e.g., the mobile home garden tub faucet
  • Prevent freezing pipes
  • Replace pipes
  • Insulate pipes
  • Run water regularly.

Make your mobile home doors and windows more energy efficient

Make your mobile home doors and windows more energy efficient
There are so many ways to make your doors and windows more energy sufficient. One of the ways to achieve this is to replace your ordinary windows with storm windows that are highly durable and heat efficient. You can also look for energy efficient window frames that have a WERS label. These window frames keep air from escaping or entering your home.

You can also use energy efficient doors, these doors are half/fully glazed using glass argon. They have warm edge spacers to prevent heat from escaping between the door and the frame. Storm doors are also the best alternative.

Block any other holes

Block any other holes
Now that you have dealt with the roof, doors, and windows, the next thing is to look for other areas that let in air or out. There might be some tiny gaps in your home. This is the time to deal with them. You can use insulating spray foam and some caulk to seal them.

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