How to Use Gas Leak Detectors at Home?

Gas leak detectors have been in use for a really long time now and most of the workplaces, homes and apartments use gas leak detectors for ensuring the safety of homes and also prevent themselves from any kind of gas leaks in the places where they live once it has been installed.
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However, one thing which you need to make sure about gas leak detectors is that they have a lot of use as the gas leaks happen quite often which usually leads to hazardous accidents most of the time, causing disruption in peace and harmony of homes. If you however have already started using a gas leak detector in your home or office, you need to ensure that you are familiar with its working methods and possibly how to use a gas leak detector at home properly.

By ensuring this, you are going to keep everything around you safe which means your home is safe as being familiar with these methods are going to help you all time around.
Leak Detectors

  • Always check if your home has a sulfuric smell or any kind of rotten egg smell. The natural gases from the appliances have the added chemical mercaptan which makes the gas an unpleasant odour which makes it easier to detect. If you notice the smell in your homes, it is quite possible that a leak has occurred. We recommend checking the burners on a gas stove to verify if they have been turned off. Also, turn off the gas supply of the whole house and leave the building right away.
    First of all, place the gas leak detectors in your home. Carbon monoxide detectors are a great pick.
  • CO is colourless and odourless which is quite toxic to the body. All you need to do is to plug in the carbon monoxide detectors into an outlet at the knee-level or even lower as CO is heavier than air. Place one of these units on each level of your home. Never block a carbon monoxide detector with the curtains or furniture as it can restrict the air flow. In case you have pets in your home or even children who you are sure are going to interfere with the detectors at knee-level, just plug the detector at the chest level outlets.
  • Use a handheld natural gas detector for the purpose of finding the source of the leak. The portable gas detectors can easily detect the gas concentration in a few areas of your home. We recommend walking through your home with the gas detector and keep an eye on the display meter. Whenever they sense a gas level too high, you would hear an alarm go off which is going to let you know that the area isn’t safe.
  • After that, set a radon detector test in the lowest levels of your home. It is a natural gas which is odourless as well as colourless and of course, tasteless which is naturally found in the ground. We recommend placing a short-term test kit in the lowest level of your home where people usually reside and just leave it there, for say 3 months. If the result comes back with a 4 pCi/L (picocuries per litre) or higher, you should call a professional for installing a radon mitigation system in your homes for sure. We also recommend avoiding keeping any of the radon tests in the areas which can get humid or damp like bathrooms, kitchens or even laundry rooms.
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