How to Use a Fill Stick Forward Repair?


stick forward repair

Fill stick is just a crayon that repairs scratches. There I said it.

See, that wasn’t hard to admit it. Anyway, pardon my futile attempt to humor you. So, you are here to learn how to use a fill stick forward repair. I hope that I don’t disappoint you with my limited knowledge.

According to groundinsider, We are pretty knowledgable at what we are doing. You can trust us on this.

Extends your wood life:

How does a crayon extend your wood life? The reasoning is quite simple. It’s a crayon made with unique features. You can draw on the scratches on the wood, and it will cover those scratches. In case you didn’t notice already scratches can lead to more scratches. We don’t know the science behind this, but when you touch a scratch, you urge to explore it more. When that happens, and you start using your nails, you know what happens next.
Extends your wood life
What we are trying to say is, it can help extend the life of your wooden furniture. There is no proven guarantee that it does. But it might.

You can find any color:

It doesn’t matter what color wood if you have. As long as you want to fix it, you can find a filler stick of any color. From light tone to dark. You need to search for the right color.

Hide scratch:

Most of the filler stick comes in a crayon shape. This gives you the feeling that you are back to your childhood. Sweet nostalgia. Now that you have taken the nostalgia bait, what comes next? How does it hide scratch? This crayon shaped product has a filling inside them. Like epoxy but colored. They are not as thick as epoxy. They are just enough to cover the scratch and small holes on your beautiful furniture. If you don’t want to go through the whole wood repair experience, they are the perfect alternative.

How to use a filler stick:

We mentioned earlier they come in mainly crayon shape. There are other shapes available too. Find out your choice. We suggest you stick with a good brand over choosing what’s comfortable to hold. The comfortable-looking stick may come from a brand that is known for making trash products. That’s why to stick with experts and choose a brand that is well known in the industry.

Now that you found out your filler stick unbox that and take out the paste that matches your furniture.
Depending on your filler stick, you may need to press it for filling to come out or use it as a marker. Use your dominating hand and hold it like a pen and draw over the scratch and watermark. Please wait for it to settle down. Clean it with a microfiber cloth. Don’t be hasty. Take your time and do it correctly.
How to use a filler stick
When the paint settles down, you should see no mark or scratches left on the surface. If any mark or scratch is still left, you either didn’t wait for the filling to dry or bought a faulty filling stick.

If that happens, then you need to redo the whole thing. When you work with wood, you always need to be careful. That’s why we recommend you don’t do anything that you will regret later. For example, don’t even think of flattening the scratch with tools before you apply the filling stick. It will end up badly for you. Trust me; you will end up ruining the furniture.

With that said, we hope that you know more about filling sticks and how they work. Honestly, the process is straightforward. But it never hurts to take precautions.

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