How to Thoroughly Clean Your Home: Top Tips

If you have the time to clean your home you might want to make sure you do a thorough job. Knowing that your entire home is clean can be very satisfying it can also ensure you’re more protected against viruses and infections. So how can you thoroughly clean your home and is it as hard as it seems? This article aims to explore the answer to this question.

Dust your Home

Dust your Home

One of the first things you should do is dust your home. Make sure you go around every room and dust the furniture, hand rails, shelves, your televisions, and any other surfaces. Dry dust if you can as using a wet rag can make it harder.

Clean your Fabrics

The next step involves cleaning all of your fabrics. Strip the beds of their sheets and replace them with clean ones. Tidy any blankets and pillows before brushing the surfaces of your furniture with the brush extension on your vacuum.

Clean all of the Surfaces

Now it’s time for you to clean all of your surfaces. Cleaning and disinfecting the countertops and any other surfaces will help your home to look and feel cleaner. Make sure you also wipe down light switches, remote controls, and door handles. You might have more surfaces to clean than you realized but you should get this part of the job done fairly quickly.

Clean The Glass and Mirrors

Clean Your Home
Many people neglect to clean their glass and mirrors. However, a quick clean can work wonders. You can clean the glass and mirrors without leaving any streaks, you just simply need to know how. Use a wet cloth, to begin with, and a dry cloth to finish off, this should leave those surfaces streak-free.

Clean your Bathrooms and Kitchen

Your next job is to clean your bathrooms and kitchen. Start by using a spray cleaner on your bathroom’s sinks, tubs, and toilets before scrubbing them. When it comes to cleaning the kitchen make sure you clean the inside of your microwave. If it’s particularly dirty pour some boiling water into a bowl and close the microwave’s door. Leave the bowl there for around 3 minutes. Remove the bowl and the dirt should be easier to remove.

Don’t forget to clean your cabinets and any appliances you have in the kitchen.

Sweep and Clean the Floors

The penultimate job involves sweeping and cleaning the floors. Be sure to sweep and mop all of your hard floors. Allow the floors to dry if you can. Alternatively, use a clean cloth to dry the floors.

Vacuum your House

Vacuum your House
The last job of the day involves vacuuming your house. Start upstairs and make your way from room to room. Vacuum the hallways and stairs before making your way downstairs.

As you can see, thoroughly cleaning your home is not that difficult. However, it can take time. Give yourself at least a few hours to clean your whole house. After a while, it will start to look so much fresher and cleaner.

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